Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a change of mind

I always held firm to my belief that kids should not begin competitive sports until they are in elementary school. I just believe that our kids are growing up too fast and with too much pressure these days and I want my kids to enjoy the few years of just being kids before they add that additional element to their lives.

It was easy to keep up with that perspective with our 1st born. He has no interest in team sports. He prefers individual sports and is committed to karate. It works well in that he's with others in class, but the pacing and achievement are self paced.

I still ask him when I see sign-up advertisements for team sports if he wants to give it a go, but he always says "no thanks." I get it. It's not his gig.

And that's just fine with me. I have never wanted to be the type of parent to push my kids into doing things that I did or wish I did as kid. Kev and I just want each kid to find his "thing" whatever it is.

However, my view on team sports has been challenged this year by this kid:

From the time he could walk, he's been kicking balls, swinging golf clubs (resulting in his brother's stapled head), and pitching balls.

So we relented and signed him up because he want to play. It makes him happy. And truth be told, I learned a major lesson about forming opinions based on assumptions. Both his soccer league and T-ball league emphasize team work and FUN. There are no crazy parents fighting with coaches or coaches berating players for bad plays. These kids have smiles on their faces and enthusiasm to boot.

Despite the fact that he's only 4 and the tiniest kid on the team, he L-O-V-E-S it. He has erased all my concerns. It has given him a new confidence.

As a mom, I can't ask for more than that.

P.S. Thanks, Uncle Russ (professional photograher) for photos. You truly capture the moment.


april@gingerbread girl said...

Oh no you DIDNT!!! That little guy is seriously too cute!!! Good for you....all kids are different, and they require different parenting....keep those pics coming....he made me smile....


The Mama Monster said...

Those are great photos!!!! And even though the ones of the kids are adorable... I love the first pic of the base!!!!

Janna said...

SO CUTE!!!!!

The New June said...

Too fun!

Mandy Arioto said...

those pics are seriously amazing! Love seeing C in his uniform. So adorable.