Monday, March 7, 2011

ain't nothin' but a G thang

This is a public service announcement on behalf of my friend, Lisa, who has had enough of the G-thang. She dared me to blog about this, so I will because sadly, I am not embarrassed by much. Here's the down low.

What's the G thang???

I'm talkin' about mamas bending over to get babes out the stroller only to unknowingly flash their "G thang" to the public.

Do I get a Holla?

It brings me to question the whole low-rise jeans for mamas anyway. Not that you want to rock mom jeans...

but perhaps there should be a quick, "can I bend over to pick up the dropped pacifier off the dirty floor without the G thang showing?

Just sayin' peeps.

Peace out.


Mommy of three said...

Fo Shiz!!!

The Mama Monster said...

Two words... Yoga pants!!!!!

AMedina said...

Please tell me that is a stock photo and you aren't actually rockin' those mom jeans. Alejandro told me the other day I was wearing mom jeans. I know he is 4.5 but I got super defensive and totally said "Nuh uh! You're wearing mom jeans!"

katie said...

A- I hope my butt doesn't look like that!!! I'm not running for nothing!!!