Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I just finished sitting on top of the bunk bed with my 4 year old, Charlie.

There's nothing unusual about that. I know.

But if I told you it was almost 8 p.m. and that Charlie was munching away on cheese and crackers with a side of super sweet, plump strawberries, would you start to raise some questions?

Let me just come clean.

I took 4 kids to get haircuts after art, which was after school, which meant that by the time the haircuts were finished, the kids were begging for food.

Oh, by the way, no I didn't adopt a kid over night. Although, I would not protest that a bit. We took a friend of Luke's to get a haircut too. He's like family.

Can I say how awesome it is to have friends like that? Really, she'd do the same for me.


Anyway, back to the story already.

Being the nutrition conscious mom that I am (usually), we stopped at In-N-Out. Ok, fast food is a major source of guilt for me. I'll fess up on that one. To further reinforce that the kids were whining about how famished they were, I caved and also ordered milkshakes. For some reason, I thought listening to them whine justified a chocolate one for me. Here I go, fessing up again.

So cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and 2 hours later, Charlie, my non-cheeseburger eating kid was climbing up his bunk bed ladder when I heard him say to my husband in his sweet little voice...

"I'm hungry."

I was putting Jack to bed in the next room over and gasped when I heard him say this!

I forgot to feed Charlie dinner. No joke.

In the midst of dropping off our family friend, getting home, starting showers, and wrapping up homework, I forgot to feed my child. He's the middle child. I swear, the middles are always lost in the shuffle.

I can imagine the therapy bills now. Maybe I can pay him back in In-N-Out milkshakes instead.

So, I dashed in there and tried to explain to my husband who just got home from a late night at work about the whole situation. He's chill so I knew he'd think it was funny, but I was a bit concerned with preserving my "good" mom image. Then I realized that trying to play it cool as you say, "Sorry Dear, I simply forgot to feed our son" just makes you sound like a mama loser no matter how you put it.

That's okay. It wasn't my 1st loser mama moment and I know it won't be my last.

That's just how we roll in this house. It's all good.


Denise said...

i've been there, forgetting to feed my children.
thankfully they are now in the place where they can feed themselves if i forget.

in-n-out: so cheap, so good.

hannah singer said...

sweet kiddo! i don't think that was a "loser mama moment", just an adventure from the norm;)

Anonymous said...

We are the blessed ones!!
Love ya!

Jenn Costillo said...

I still think you're a great mom ;-) Dave can always offer Charlie some free counseling down the road middle child to middle child!

april@gingerbread girl said...

i total do the drive through thing and then feel bad....i feel you!!


Courtney said...

Love your honesty Katie! I'll admit to bribing Connor to be good for the dentist with the promise of a lollipop after....and many times, the lollipop has been dinner. oops...=)

Nancy said...

Here are my three thought-provoking comments.
1. Life gets hectic. I totally live this weekly.
2. Kids are resilient. Praise God!
3. In N Out rocks my world.
xoxo Happy weekend.

katie said...

Thanks, Ladies, for reassuring me that I'm not alone on this one. : )