Wednesday, February 16, 2011

write some words challenge

My father-in-law sent me an email saying he was having trouble leaving a comment on my blog. I'm no tech master, but I was pretty sure I could solve the problem for him.

Well, I gravely miscalculated my minimal abilities and could not help the man out.

Loser. (Imagine big L finger signal on my forhead circa 1990's).

He had a back up plan and printed it out and handed it to me in person.

It was related to this recipe.

Here's what he wrote:

You may not have the great experience of a seasoned cook, but you give your family much more. You show them patience, love, and guidance. Someday when L, C, and J are older, they will look back on these early years and know without a doubt that they have the best mom in the world.
I know this because Kevin, Phillip, and Russell have the best mom in the world too.

I've read this over and over again a dozen times. It made my day.

His words made me think about how I can do the same for someone else. As I drove to Target, I asked myself, "how can I spread the love?"

So I'm going to write a note to two special mamas who could use a boost. I mean really, don't we all? Without providing details, both are climbing mountains to help their sweet sons right now. Although I have many loved family and friends, these friends need a little, "You rock, Lady!" note.

Do the same. Who can you write to? Today. Don't put it off. It's that meaningful and important. It doesn't have to be on fancy schmancy stationary, although that is great too. Send an email, put a card on a doorstep, or inbox your someone on FaceBook. Whatever it takes, just go for it. It doesn't have to be long; just from the heart.

Check back and let me know if you do it. I hope you do! That someone will be forever grateful.

Spread the love.

Much love,

P.S. Check out this site for free, no account necessary ecards:


Mommy of three said...

This is soooo true.
Getting a note, even more than an email, or phone call, just makes your day brighter. There is something very uplifting and encouraging about it.
Thanks for sharing this. just hearing about yours made my day!
And how incredibly sweet that your father in law wanted to leave a comment on your blog and then followed through and still gave it to you when he couldn't post the comment.
No wonder Kevin turned out so great!
Love from,

The Mama Monster said...

Such a great and encouraging idea!!!! After the week I have had, I really reminded how precious live is! I will go to be a little more appreciative, loving, forgiving, and I will hug my littles a little tighter!

AMedina said...

Thanks for spreading the love. It was a much-needed boost!

MA said...

I am reminded of my friend Bunmi who is forever sending random cards of encouragement to me always with a scripture verse. We must remember those special friends in our lives & let them know what they mean to us. thanks for the reminder Kate!

Janna said...

I had a couple of encouragers as I was (am, kinda still) going through a hard time in the past few days. It makes a world of difference doesn't it?