Saturday, April 16, 2011

calm before the storm

We had our annual Easter party with close local friends on Saturday. To say that we had fun would be a grand understatement. To see 20 plus kids under the age of 10 in their element makes every run to Target, Michael's, Walmart, and the Dollar Tree worth it.

I've been prepping little by little for weeks. My super hero friend helped me set everything up today in 90 degree heat. Don't we all need a friend like that?

Here you can see the set up before the rush of kids hit the food and activities. And just so you know, once a teacher, always a teacher. I do happen to set up "centers" at all of our holiday parties. Fortunately, my friends get a good laugh at my expense. They may or may not call me "Mrs." at these parties to poke a little fun.

It's cool. I can roll with it.

Oh what a lovely day it was. I'm still smiling.

(Please ignore that in a rush, I left out the "e" on the egg dyeing sign)

I hope you can stop by in a few days to see pics of the kids in all their glory.

Much love,

P.S. Click here to see the LEGO Easter Story video we created with the boys. Your kids will love it!

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april@gingerbread girl said...

wow...that looks like an awesome party...good job!! Love the boys would love those!!!


hannah singer said...

looks amazingly fun!
easter tattoos!?! sign me up!

Jessica said...

How fun! It's obvious that so much time went into the planning of this party and all for the kiddos' fun. Love it!

the lowes said...

wow you did so much and its all so cute!! :)