Wednesday, April 20, 2011

not all unicorns and rainbows

Sunday was not my most stellar mom day. Truthfully, neither was Monday.

I think it is easy to portray the image of the "perfect" mommy in blogland.

Although I love party planning for any possible reason and doing actvities with my children that have earned me the nickname "camp counselor Katie", I still have those kind of days.

Sunday and Monday were most certainly those kinds of day from the start. On Monday, the kids fought all morning long over LEGOS. There was screaming, crying, and time outs.

And that was just for me.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

On Sunday I was falling asleep in church despite my cup of morning happy. Head bobbing and all. Embarrassing.

We then attended our town's local annual festival despite my inner protest. It felt like summer instead of spring and crowds make me super cranky.

Just keepin' it real.

The hubby even gave me an out, but I wanted to be a good sport.

Except being a good sport is sometime hard to do.

By the time we got home, I crashed on the couch.

You should know that I NEVER nap. NEVER. EVER.

And when I woke up, I had a sore throat and burning eyes.


For dinner, I didn't defrost anything so my kids got pancakes.

I ate two chocolate cupcakes which were leftovers from our party on Saturday.

There wasn't enough batter for the hubby so he had oatmeal.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the guy. He spent a good chunk of the afternoon editing our Easter Story video and he had to eat oatmeal for dinner.

Then when the boys were playing outside, I explicitly told them to not pass our boundary while they were on bikes and scooters. Of course my oldest goes right past it with me watching in disbelief and sped his bike down the hill right into our middle son and both of them crashed to the ground. There were tears, bruises, and lots of skinned knees and elbows.

As I sprinted to them I was conflicted between my feelings of concern and feelings of anger that he didn't listen to me.

That's bad. Really bad.

And well, as for Tuesday. Let me just tell you that it involved this up a nose...

and this on a face...

Sooo my friends, it is not all perfect with prancing unicorns and sparkly rainbows in blogland after all.

Much love,


missmehoneybee said...

No, its not alway perfect. Thanks for being truthful,it always makes me feel so much better. I changed our sheets THREE times today. Grayson first lil tummy bug. Dont think I need to say much more, but I didn't even get dressed today and we had grilled cheese for dinner at 9:30!
ps. Im glad the lego head came out of the nose...that could have much worse. I did that with a rock when I was little and my mom still talks about it.

Kirsten said...

haha, facial marker is an almost daily occurrence here!

thanks for sharing - there are plenty of "terrible mom" days here as well. :)

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

:) Completely LOL. Sorry. I just understand having boys and all... {!}
P.S. I had 2 brownies for dinner in front of the children eating their, ahem, cereal last night. I've had a couple of those kind of mom days this week as well.

april@gingerbread girl said...

I totally feel you...there are times that I feel like driving through mcdonalds, giving them their ds and calling it a day...and you know what...sometime I do. No one is perfect, even though sometime I try really hard to be.
I have a sinus infection and a throat that is on fire!!! This weather is killing me....hope you feel better and their is peace in the house at least by Easter...hahaha


Jami said...

I love this post. It has been one of those weeks for me too! My kids are on Easter break but I've been sick the whole time so it hasn't gone quite according to plan. I've been much to short with them, but today is a new day! Thanks for sharing.

the lowes said...

thanks for being so speaks to me (and many others im sure) when moms are real and dont just display how "good" their mothering is. that's not reality. But just to tell you, I love reading your blog, the good and the bad....and it is always encouraging to me to watch a mommy who is ahead of me with their littles....keep it comin. :)

Laurie J said...

oh, girl! I hear ya loud and clear. legos are all over my house and all in the vacuum cleaner but have never ended up a nose! oh, my. rowdy boys are a blessing but a cause for burnout indeed! thanks for the realness

Warren Baldwin said...

Linked from Brooke's blog. Read this post and thougth it was good and wanted to let you know. Nice blog.

Family Fountain

Karrie said...

May not be perfect, but NORMAL comes to mind ;)

Brooke said...

You ARE doing an awesome job! Keep it up. We all have THOSE days..... and lots of 'em I am afraid. Hang in there!

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

Those days are for sure hard sometimes! Glad there are bloggers out there who say it like it is!!!!

Janna said...

and here I was thinking it was just me and my house that had those days. :)

Jessica Johnson said...

what? your life's not blog perfect? because mine totally is. ha! ;) love and appreciate your honesty. you are awesome.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

this was such a great post. seriously! i wish i could relay all the things that have happened over here this week, but i'm too tired. ha.

and pancakes for dinner are never a bad thing. ever.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Just so you know my word verification on the last comment was "foraterd"... for a terd. Ha. I thought that was funny, I had to read it twice just to make sure.

CaseyWiegand said...

okay this really made me laugh out loud. :) hehe. too funny. love it so much

Adrian said...

I love your honesty in this post. I wish more people would be real and honest. We can help and learn so much from one another when we are. Thanks.