Wednesday, April 13, 2011


There are a few things that I'm good at.

There are several things I am not so good at.

Running is one of the latter.

No matter how hard I try or how long I train, running is excruciating for me. I count the minutes. I pray for it to be over. I have to become a motivational speaker in my head... "You can do it!"

So when I put on this list HERE that I wanted to run (not walk!) a 5K, my college roomie sent me message and suggested that we run the Carlsbad 5000 together.

There's no other 3.1 miles that I'd rather run than the Carlsbad 5K. It is on the coast in one of my favorite cities. And to run it with one of my favorite people, I knew I had to say "yes."

So I did. Then I ran 3 days a week at the gym for a couple of months despite arthritis (thank you lupus) in my knee that made me want to quit more than once.

But I didn't.

The best part for me: Accomplishing a goal with my friend by my side.

The best part for the kids: Yummy treats after waiting 33 minutes for me to run.

Today when Kevin and I loaded the 3 boys in the car I was excited to check this item off of my "want to do this year" list. I was looking forward to the boys who usually just see me cooking, cleaning, and chauffeuring them from different activities, do something goal oriented.

There were several times during the race that I wanted to to stop. The sun was beating down, I had lactic acid in my shoulder, and I was just plain tired, but I didn't give up.

It helped that my friend, Andrea, was like Bob from The Biggest Loser and kept cheering me on. She ran earlier with her husband so this was her 2nd time doing the race in one day. She used to do cross country in high school. Blast those runner types!

And when we ran towards the finish line, I noticed that I finished 10 minutes less than my time at the gym! I was thrilled with my time and elated that the run was O-V-E-R.

I think as parents it is imperative for us to set goals outside of the parenting realm. The last 3 years since we had our youngest were a bit like walking through a foggy forest. I've realized that it is time to do somethings for myself and that I don't have to feel guilty for it.

So what is your gig? What is it outside of parenting that makes your heart skip a beat? Are you taking time for yourself? It doesn't have to be much. It surprises me with how little time I really need to recharge.

You deserve it. Go for it.

Much love,

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Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

love it!!!! way to go! It is such an awesome feeling to cross the finish line!!!!

AMedina said...

I had so much fun running with you and I am SO PROUD of you for doing so well! Do I dare ask if you want to do it again with me next year?
Love ya!

Janna said...

I hate running too. HATE it!! But I also try to overcome it. I needed this motivation to get back to the gym after 2 wks of sickness in the house.

Laurie J said...

this post intrigued me b/c running is something I do that "UNmama" (ps I've got 3 boys like you!)
I also took a pottery class a few falls ago and it was awesome.
fun running pics! we ALL need a Bob in our lives :)

Charla Liedahl said...

That's an awesome accomplishment! I lived in Carlsbad a block from the beach for 3.5 years before I married my hubby. Love that town!

the lowes said...

go you girl! im training for a 5K and also for a tri right now...its hard to do, but i like the encouragement from you about doing something "outside" parenting! i hate running too, but I know Ill be so glad. :)

Jessica Johnson said...

i am in the same sad, sad boat. i love running when there is a point and i don't even know that i'm running (ie soccer, basketball, etc) but running just to run? shoot me now!

awesome job, girl!
you did it! :)

Nancy said...

Good for you on the 5k. I totally agree that if you have a partner in torture that it makes it way better and do-able. Running... I despise. I think because i get bored. Try adding a little swimming and then a little biking... mini tri?? They are awesome and super do-able. Ask Janna. We did one together last year and loved it!

Jennifer said...

I'd like to run a 5K one day..... If I could run on the beach....that would make it all worthwhile, but running in sand??? Probably wouldn't be fun. Ha! Congrats on completing your goal!! The paragraph about since your youngest came along you've been in a fog...that spoke to me. (because I'm THERE!! lol) I really do enjoy your blog!

hannah singer said...

way to go, katie! wow, you are a total champion!
i WAS a runner. a bad car accident jammed my knees up, only walking for me! i miss it sometimes.

Brooke said...

I am hopeless at running. I seriously can't do it for more than 3 minutes. Okay, I probably could if I really tried... but I HATE it too :D Congrats on getting this done - that is a BIG accomplishment Lady!