Monday, April 4, 2011

a little touch of love

My husband travels for work from time to time. He is in sales and it is just a part of his job that I have grown to accept even though I am paranoid about being by myself with the kids during the night. Anyone else become a serious worrier at night when they are holding down the fort?

This morning was like any other typical Monday for us. We got up and rushed like mad to get out of the door for school by 7:40. I'm not a morning person, so this daily task is not easy for me; even with my morning cup of happy.

After I dropped Luke and Charlie off at school, I ran errands with Jack before heading back to get Charlie from preschool. On our quick drive home, we chatted about his day at preschool, pulled into the garage, and walked into the house.

And to our surprise, we found a little touch of love left behind by Kevin.




They were so excited. I'm not sure if they were more enthusiastic about the loving note from Daddy or the sweet chocolate, but my gut instinct is telling me it was the chocolate. My kids roll that way...sweets over sentiment.

Except, for Charlie. He wanted to post his note on the pantry so he could read it when he gets his snacks.

He's four. He can't read yet. It doesn't matter to him, though.

Love that kid.

As my tank filled up with joy by the little touch of love left for my boys, I noticed a little note for me too.

I paused and smiled. It doesn't take fancy dinners and fragrant roses in this casa.

His little touch of love turned an ordinary morning into something extraordinary.

A little touch of love makes it all lovely.

Much love,

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The Lattimore Acre said...

That is so lovely!! It is sooo the little touches that make life amazing. xoxo

Jessica said...

What a sweet husband you have! Sometimes it's the little things that bring us the most joy.

Alyss said...

I'm a sucker for little notes. What a sweet dad/husband!

the lowes said...

love that, so sweet. my hubby just did the same for me when he left town last week and it touched my heart so much! you have a great hubby!! :) thanks for sharing!

Amber Branconier said...

this is just the sweetest!

{cuppakim} said...

totally lovely. what an amazing man your husband is. and your boys are certain to turn out just like him with instruction and an example like that.