Friday, May 13, 2011


Here's all you need to know that I'm the real deal: There is no fluff with me. I've always said it like it is and been a straight shooter.

Life in this house is full of love, laughter, and blessings. I love fun and we try to spell out F-U-N in our everyday living.

But, don't misunderstand me. My children are not perfect. I am not perfect. We are all far from it.

Need evidence?

Case 1:

Crime: spastic, sassy talking eight year old.

-Loss of technological gadgets and computer for 24 hours.
-Evening "lock up" in room.
-Write "I will obey my Mom" over and over and over.

Sentence Appeal: I was called upstairs to find this...

Man, it is hard to stick to the consequences when kids do things like this. Especially from my oldest kiddo who loves me deep down, but is not one to express such emotive verbal expressions.

For the record, I held my ground even though I wanted to melt into a pile of mush and erase everything and turn back into fun mom.

Case 2:

Crime: tagging furniture


3 Year Old Suspect...

-time out

Case 3:

Crime: shattering mom's i-phone...

Suspect: the 3 year old stinker...AGAIN...

Sentence: Frustrated words masked by kindness, "I know it was an accident, but you need to be more careful next time." Trust me, I wanted to scream, "what in the world were you thinking?!"

Good news, the hubs was able to finally get them to replace it for FREE after asking 6 times.

I would have been afraid to ask for it to be replaced for free once let alone 6 times. Love that man.

Yeah, these days with littles are trying, but I would not choose to spend my days with anyone else.

Much love,


Alyss said...

What I want to know is the exact words your hubs used to get that deal! I perceive iPhone demolishing in my future.

Way to stick to your guns! It'll pay off. It's all out of love (just like our parents had said... funny how that comes around full circle).

missmehoneybee said...

I will obey my mom sheet is a keeper. Love that!

Jessica Johnson said...

the furniture tagger culprit pic is AWESOME! haha and my screen is shattered, too. boo hoo.

hannah singer said...

this is all way too familiar!
it's a beautiful thing, that you are a real deal:) love it!

Janna said...

Couldn't help but smile while reading this. I'm going to use the sentence writing tactic with my oldest. That would be torture for him.

Heart n Soul said...

Love the very sweet but glad you stuck to your guns. When my kids did this I told them how much I loved that they were actively pursuing forgiveness and reconciliation which makes me so proud of their heart and character :)

Adrian said...

Love this post! I don't know how you didn't cave in with the "I love you" legos, must have been so hard. And I love the sentences...I'm keeping that one in mind for when the boys are older.

Karrie said...

I am cracking up at the writing!! I recently posted a picture of my daughter's first writing punishment!! :)

annalee said...

hi there!
man, those lego words have me melting into a puddle.
the cracked iphone happened at our house this week too thanks to my son.
you and your crew are adorable!