Sunday, May 22, 2011

trophy for charlie

Charlie is big on presents, rewards, medals, or anything related to accomplishment. He is fiercely competitive even though he is 4.

There is some rumor floating around out there that my friends didn't want to play board games with me in high school because I was so competitive. It was all in good fun and the teasing was in jest, but the underlying fact of competitiveness was true.

While Charlie loves the social aspect of team sports, I must share that he is more of an observer at this point. He's the kid who is yelling from the field, "Mom is it time for the treat bag yet?"

Yesterday, we spent our day at the field. Charlie was thrilled and made it clear several times that it was NOT for a game, but for a trophy. After sitting on the field for a long time, they finally received their reward.

Yes, Charlie, you hung in there until the end of the season. You earned your trophy my son. You listened carefully to your coach, followed instructions, and swung the bat like there's no tomorrow. Congratulations kiddo. We love you.

Much love,


Jessica Johnson said...

that is one amazing looking trophy! congrats to your little man. and i'm a total competitive freak, too. ;)

missmehoneybee said...

QT pants! Yay for Charlie!

april@gingerbread girl said...

congrats lil sluggar!!!


Charla Liedahl said...

There's not much in this world that is cuter than kids playing t-ball. What fun!

the lowes said...

he soooo cute!!

Mommy of three said...

He is so dang cute!!!

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

haah this is awesome and he is so stinking cute!

Jennifer said...

He is SOOOOOOO cute!!! I can't wait until Bradyn gets to play baseball/t-ball/some sort of sport. =) Congrats to your lil' man!