Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers AND a reason to wear cute rain boots. After yearning to buy a pair for the last few years, I finally let loose the bonds of practicality and bought a pair. Before, I could never justify buying a pair when I live in sunny southern California where it rarely rains. More so, when it does rain, we treat it as a natural disaster and stay hunkered inside, waiting for the “flood waters” to subside.

However, this year I am focusing on simple pleasures and I knew rain boots would qualify as such. So I bought them. Of course they are black and gray like everything else in my closet. But, I did push out of comfort zone a bit. Notice the red bird?

They make me feel joyful when I wear them and it gives me something to look forward to on rainy days.

I’m enjoying the warm weather today, but I heard it is going to rain soon. We’ve had a lot of rain this year and I’m a little rain fatigued. However, I’m looking forward to wearing my boots…and to the May flowers, too.

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Leah said...

cute boots. i need to buy some rain boots too. my uggs and socks soaked all the way through this afternoon.