Friday, April 16, 2010

A Special Prayer and Pink Slippers

Today was one of THOSE mornings. I had insomnia last night and when Jack Jack (2) came into my room to wake me up, I barely recognized him. I didn’t know where I was or my own name. You know how those mornings go if you are a parent.

Reluctantly, I pulled my groggy self out of bed to begin the list of morning tasks before getting Luke (7) off to school.


Breakfast for kids-check

Read email-check

Wash dishes-check

Make Luke’s lunch- Oops!

How in the world did I forget to make his lunch? I quickly scrambled to get some things thrown in his lunch bag so we wouldn‘t be late. I’m a freak when we’re late.

Then I ran upstairs and threw on some clothes. As we buckled ourselves in our seats I said a silent prayer:

Dear God, PLEASE don’t let us get in an accident. I have to admit that I truly was not concerned for our safety. Rather, I was concerned about these:

In the mist of running out the door in our morning madness, I neglected to put on shoes. I imagined myself standing on the side of the road giving a police report in fuzzy, bright pink slippers.

Thankfully, we made it to school and back home without any mishaps. Who says God doesn’t answer our prayers?

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Jenn Costillo said...

Love this post, Katie!!! You are such an AWESOME mom - even in the midst of these foggy mornings ;-)