Thursday, April 22, 2010

Which “Friend” are You?

A few years back we had a group of couples over to our home. As we were sitting around the table playing a mean game of Taboo, I asked everyone which character from the show “Friends” they thought they were most like. Everyone went around the table and shared their thoughts. No one really debated each others' answers. We laughed and thought of funny stories to validate each others' choices.

Then it was my turn. I confidently shared with my friends that I was TOTALLY Rachel. Before I even finished the last syllable of Rachel, they all started shouting something along the lines of, “no way, you are SO not a Rachel!” What??? Of course I was a Rachel! I was stylish and funny like Rachel, right? I even had the “Rachel” haircut in high school! I certainly wasn’t nutty and OCD like Monica, right? I couldn’t possibly be as flighty as Phoebe, right? So in the middle of their, “you are SO not Rachel” assault, I asked them who I was.

A collective “Monica” was their response. Actually, I think it was more of a, “Katie, you are SOOO Monica.” Ouch.

That was hard for me to take in. Monica? But Monica was so controlling. Monica was such a neat freak. Monica was neurotic. How sad… but very, very true. You see, I REALLY want to be a Rachel. However, that’s just not how I’m made. I am type A+ (ask my poor hubby), I really do like things clean, and I really like most things done a certain way (okay, MY way). So I’m a Monica. I just need a lot of Chandlers, Rosses, Phoebes, Joeys, and of course Rachels in my life to keep me balanced.

So, which “Friend” are you?


Mommy of three said...

Hello my fellow Monica. Our hubbys should get together to commiserate OR talk about how awesome we make their lives!
Love this one!

Kellee said...

This should be a support group for "Monicas". I too am a Monica! Quirky, wacky, and very competitive... =)