Thursday, April 29, 2010


I’ve been wanting to blog for a long time. I just didn’t know it. In the midst of children, lupus, cancer, autism, frequent moves, etc. I just got a bit LOST. My once broad world of friends, career, and marriage, suddenly dwindled to the daily survival of feedings, diaper changes, and shuffling my children from one activity to another.

Can you relate?

In the hurricane of my life, I knew I was missing something; I just couldn’t express what it was. I constantly had a running list of daily life scenarios running through my head and ways in which to apply them as life lessons. They were always filled with a bit of humor (laughter from an audience of one-myself) in order to get me through the times when I felt overwhelmed. It was a choice to laugh or cry and I usually chose to laugh. (Although there were times of tears too-trust me).

Then I began reading a friend’s blogs ( and Her magical way with words and fluid storytelling was my “that’s it” moment. I’ve always loved writing… I just forgot that I did. She reminded me. I am GRATEFUL for Greta.

So with a sense of gusto (and insecurity), I began to sit at the computer and share my stories. I am GRATEFUL for the ability to overcome fear.

I am most GRATEFUL for you…

For building a community of moms (and dads) who understand the highs and lows of this journey called parenthood. It’s good to know we’re in this together!

For your openness in allowing me to share my most vulnerable and sometimes embarrassing thoughts and experiences.

For your words of encouragement. What a gift!

So as I wrap up my 1st month of blogging, I would like to express my true appreciation and gratitude to you. Please keep reading and sharing your thoughts with me. I love hearing from you! I would also encourage you to think about something you once were passionate about and have not done for a long time. Maybe it is time to reconnect. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Much love,

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David Costillo said...

Katie! Great site. Welcome to the world of blogging. So glad to follow your humblings, insights and words of wisdom.


Mommy of three said...

Thank you Katie. Doesn't it feel good? I am so glad you are writing because I love your writing and the thoughts you share. It always blesses me. So glad you climbed on board the blogging boat.
Love from Greta

Hannah said...

So happy you're doing this! It really helps me keep everything In perspective. Keep it up, girl!!!

Stephanie said...

I am LOVING it as well! I guess I can just sooooo relate since we also are raising three boys and all the craziness that goes along with that. You are so special and I feel GRATEFUL myself to know you. Stephanie

Leah said...

i enjoy your blog! i'm glad you're doing it too!