Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fishy Friends

Oh, what to do, what to do, when your husband says “No” to something you really want and yet it is something that really needs to be a joint decision?

A few months back I was having big time baby cravings. Yes, call me crazy; I was thinking that a 4th munchkin would be a wonderful addition to our family. No, I wasn’t thinking about the lack of space, money, or patience. I just wanted another baby.

My logical husband on the other hand, is very content and firmly declared, “No way!” at my suggestion. Hmmm. I was pretty certain I could persuade him over time, but I was clearly mistaken. For every time I brought up the topic (usually with a glass of wine) his answer became more and more emphatic…"NO!” At a certain point, I began to understand his reasoning and was able to move forward in agreement with him.

Then I saw a picture of a potentially gorgeous shelter dog that needed to find a home. I knew he just needed some TLC. We already have a horse of a dog (95 pound Rascal), but I didn’t think it would hurt to ask Kevin about taking in this helpless, homeless pup.

I am sure you can guess what his response was. Yep, it was once again “No!” He did not want the work involved with having two dogs. Grrr to hubby!!!

I was not having any luck with this husband of mine. And for those of you that don’t know him, he’s very chill, which is why I couldn’t believe I wasn’t having any success with my requests and somewhat gentle persuasion.

So, this brings me back to the original question. What should you do when your husband says “NO!” to one more baby and “NO!” to having two dogs?

Well, you buy three fish of course! Please meet (from left to right) Super Mario Bros., Colorful, and Blue Fish.

Luke (7) stayed home with us on Friday since he was sick and since I’m not one to stay at home (the never at home stay-at-home mom) I decided we’d go get fish. The boys have been asking for them for months. They each picked out their own fish and decorative marbles. I was relieved that they each wanted different colors and I didn’t have to referee their choices.

We got home and the boys set about prepping the new bowls for their new beloved pets.

They conditioned the water.

Dropped their marbles in the bowls.

And carefully observed.

Once the fish were all set in their new homes, I sent Kevin the following text: Hi Honey! This is what happens when you say “No” to a baby and “No” to a dog…you get fish!

I didn’t think he’d say “No” to the fish, but you never know. Now we have a full house and I like it that way.

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