Monday, May 10, 2010

Who Needs Diamonds Anyway?

I got some pretty cool gifts for Mother’s Day. Who needs diamonds when you can have these:

Homemade cards (thanks hubby)

“A Mother’s Day spaceship” from Charlie and a Lego replica of me from Luke. She looks just like me.

A cookbook from Luke’s classroom.

Best of all, a necklace that I wore shamelessly.

Yeah, it is made of wood and paint, but like I said, who needs diamonds anyway?

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Hannah said...

I love all these! Truman made me a pot of fake flowers in church that I actually think is pretty sweet. Oh, and I got a repeat of last year's card from school, since he's still with the same teacher...reduce, reuse, recycle! Maybe I can compare the fingerprints and see the growth? Always lookin' on the bright side.