Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why I Blog

Tonight I attended a glorious blogging event~ Blog*Sugar. I almost didn’t go. In fact, I had a ton of excuses to NOT go. I have a sick kid at home, we’re about to tear out the carpet, baseboards, and tile downstairs-I wanted to get a head start, and it was going to be a long drive (on the eve of Memorial Weekend).

However, I already committed to attending this event with a friend. I invited her for two reasons (besides the fact that she just a super cool friend). One, she’s a blogger too ( so I knew she’d probably dig the event. Two, I knew that if I had someone coming along that I could not let my lame social insecurities (blast them) get the best of me.

Upon arriving, I immediately sensed that I was glad I came. To be in the midst of 60 creative types was invigorating for a girl that considers brushing her teeth, taking a real shower (washing hair AND shaving legs), and managing to keep her children from starting WWIII a good day. No, not just good. Fabulous.

Once we had a chance to munch on delicious appetizers and desserts (I have to admit I ate more desserts than appetizers), we were asked to reflect on the purpose of our blog. I was stumped. I’m not gifted at impromptu meaningful thought (blast that too!).

So I thought for a bit and this is the best I could come up with: I blog for a lot of reasons. Not so much for a purpose (yet). A purpose is a noun. It is a thing. I have not quite found my blogging "thing" yet. I'm working on it. For me, at this stage, my blog is about sharing, venting, and laughing. Verbs. Actions. I do it because in the midst of raising 3 crazy rascals, lupus, cancer, autism, and putting on a weak performance as Martha Stewart, blogging makes me happy. I enjoy the connection it has formed with so many of you.

Hmmm….maybe I am sensing a purpose there???

And while I have definite blog envy (yeah, I'm working on that too) of the purpose-filled writers, crafters, chefs, and home-schoolers, I am okay with writing without a purpose for now. It will come. So, I’ll keep writing about my random thoughts and nutty mom experiences. Thanks for being a part of the journey with me.


Janna said...

It was fun meeting you at Blog Sugar. I enjoyed reading your last few posts. I'll be back for more soon :)

Mommy of three said...

Katie, I LOVE this! I loved seeing you there and having you as my blog buddy. You inspire me every time I read your blog. Maybe that is just one of the purposes of this here blog.
love from,

elsiee said...

the blog purpose question stumped me too!! I don't think we met at Blog Sugar, let's make a point of it next time!! namaste, elsie

Nancy said...

Hey Katie...
I wish I was able to meet you. I came very tardy to the party. Purpose...I am still working on mine. I will be coming back! nancy

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

hi katie!
didn't get to meet you but look forward to it at the next event!
i'm still stuck on a PURPOSE too!
take care!


Seizing My Day said...

I didn't get to come b/c I live in WA ~ and well ~ ya know ~ long drive and all! =) one day! I love many of the fabulous bloggers went! ;) so I am hoppin today meeting new fun bloggers who went! =) I am finding my purpose has changed!! it is about the community, the encouragement, the inspiration ~ and encouraging and inspiring others ~ it is a beautiful blessing the blogging community I have landed into! =)

anyway ~ nice to meet you! I have a story ~ that sound similar to your story list ~ kinda ~ the crazy rascals, lupas, cancer, autism story ~ mine story list is similar but very different too! =) looking forward to reading your blog more regularly!