Saturday, May 15, 2010

False Interior Decoratoring

I LOVE home improvement. I LOVE HGTV. I LOVE home magazines. But, I Don't love decorating. I just don't have the eye for it. I know what I LOVE, but I don't know how to put it all together. My sister was born with that gene. It's so bad that when we bought our new home, I'd send her pics of blank walls and asked her what I needed to put on them!

As I've joined the blogging world, I've noticed that many blogging moms share creative posts about decorating, cooking, and crafting. Although I crave to be that mom, I am not there...yet. But I'm trying. I am more of the should have been a CEO workaholic, but can't let other people watch my children because I'm too controlling kind of mom. It is just the way it is.

But I dig this time of my life and being at home with the kids has been the right choice for me. However, choosing to resign from my teaching career and live on one income has not been without sacrifice. One of the sacrifices has been to give up my walk into my fav stores, look at a room set up, and say, "let's do that."

Although I don't have profound decorating tips, I do have one major one for those of you who feel a bit void of this talent. Look at pics in magazines, pull them out, and keep in a decorating file. Then look online or in stores for similar items, but at a lower cost. You'd be shocked to see how you are able to replicate "the look" for much less.

I also go to my favorite stores, take pics with my i-phone, and shop elsewhere for "the look."

At first I found this a bit depressing, but now it is so much fun to go on the hunt for my desired items and see how much money I can save.

Here is a latest example:

Wanted shelves from Pottery Barn. Cost:$170
Bought shelves from IKEA. Cost:$50
Savings: $120!!!

Because I saved money on the shelves, I was able to buy the accessories I wanted. I've adopted the new decorating mantra, "spend where you can, save where you can."

However, I didn't know what to put on the shelves, so once again I looked online for room inspiration. Fortunately we had the photos in storage. That was easy. I knew I needed an inbox for each of us to store school forms, "to do" papers, etc.; hence, the IKEA media storage boxes. Then I found the plant at Pottery Barn, the turquoise vase at Crate and Barrel,the brown vase at Urban Outfitters, and books at Barnes and Noble. The funny thing about this project is that I spent more money on the books than I did on the shelves! I could have gone to an used bookstore, but I was burned out at this point and wanted to wrap up the project.


So, yes, I don't have any super creative tips to make your house more spectacular, but I'm a practical girl and I have practical tips.

Happy decorating!

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