Monday, May 3, 2010

The Skinny Minny Girls

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that I almost fainted at the gym. Let me backtrack and share with you my mortifying experience.

After our move from Orange County to North County San Diego, I put off joining the gym. I wanted to put my gym membership money towards our home renovation projects and thought that it would be beneficial to take advantage of walking, running, and hiking in the great outdoors. After all, we live in a rural town and it has plenty of beautiful places to explore while Luke is at school.

Here’s the problem, though, my two little ones last for about 20 minutes in the jogging stroller. That includes me stopping every 4 minutes to give them a fruit leather, cheddar bunnies, or water. Oh, and I have to stop to look at the ladybug on the leaf or the dog poop that Jack seems to be fascinated with lately (nice, huh?). Although, I have not gained weight, I have not lost any either. I also have not been able to strength train like I have in the past. And I think the thing that I started missing the most about the gym was that it was a time for me to do something for MYSELF by MYSELF. Yes, moms (and dads), sometimes we have to focus on ourselves so we can be our best selves for our kiddos.

I have been vacillating over the last few months about joining a gym again. But then came the final motivator: The annual girls’ trip to Palm Springs. It is a weekend of pool lounging, margarita sipping, giggling, and plain old fun girly time. Here’s the deal, though: My friends are skinny minny girls. You know, tall, skinny, and tan. I love them and envy them at the same time!!! This year, it will be the marathon runner, the stroller strides instructor, and the naturally “I don’t need to work out” but look like a Sports Illustrated model friend. Then there is me: 5’ 4”, pale as a ghost, and not quite the Kate Moss I long to be.

I was super pumped about going to the gym in order to get myself in order for the trip. My friend and I did cardio 1st and then met with her trainer. Of course he wanted to do arms and back. My arms have always been bizarrely weak no matter how much I try to strengthen them. We were up and down doing push-ups on the mat and then the machines. Up and down. Up and down. My arms were about the give out! Then we stopped and began to walk to another area in the gym. Suddenly I saw black and white spots and had an overwhelming sense that I was going to vomit and pass out. I ran out to my car and took some of my son’s anti-nausea meds (he has cyclic vomiting). My poor friend grabbed our kids out of the kids’ club and drove us home.

Lessons learned:
1. I need to not care so much about what I look like.
2. I am going to pace myself-NOT kill myself.

And the most important….
3. Get a really cute bathing suit, cover up, pedicure, and spray tan so I can focus less on my flaws and more on having fun!

Happy bathing suit season to you!!


KelleEvil said...

Katie, I love it!!!

Stephanie said...

You are hilarious! But, really, YOU wanted to even lose weight in the first place! Now, I guess we just can't be friends anymore. Yes, everyone benefits from strength training. But if YOU think you need to lose weight, we definitely can no longer be friends.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny (and terribly skinny as is)!

This same topic has been on my mind all week as well... why does our double D boob and tiny waist friend feel the need to celebrate her birthday and force us into bikinis before summer has officially started? Immediately followed by: And they've all had kids and are still this tiny? I'm already behind.

Can we just wear mumu's and call it a day??