Monday, May 31, 2010

Plan B=Garden

Last summer we bought a fixer upper. I swore that we’d never do it again after renovating our 2 previous homes. But since deciding to stay home full-time, we’ve been on a budget. BUMMER. Bummer about the budget- not staying home. I like my kids most of the time so staying home is worth the sacrifice.

But, that sacrifice part meant that we needed to buy another fixer. BUMMER again, although we're truly grateful for the house. It is just that fixing up takes a lot of time and energy. Neither of which seems to be abundant in our house. Let me rephrase that. The kids have energy. They suck out our energy like a Hoover vacuum. But we still love them.

The main fix for me was the floors. Our downstairs had a mix of white-ish-pink-ish tile (super ugly) and brownish-pinkish carpet (tolerable ugly). And the WORST part…carpet in the bathrooms. I mean, seriously, who does that?

I thought we’d have our new floors in during the 1st month of living here. But after painting, redoing cabinets, buying new furniture, bedding, etc. our so-called budget was at its limit. There was no way the floors were getting installed. Another BUMMER.

Fast-forward to Memorial Day Weekend and we’re now ready to do the floors. Hooray! Or so I thought.

Day 1: Kevin hurts his back, but continues to tear out the tolerable ugly carpet and super ugly tiles. No pain, no gain.

Day 2: Kevin’s back hurts too much. House is a wreck. Dust is everywhere. We’re living on concrete floors, hubby is out of commission and the kids are antsy. Me? I’m going C-R-A-Z-Y!

So I thought it would be a good idea (that’s a good inclination that it isn’t) to plant our long desired organic herb and veggie garden. I have to be honest, though, I am notorious for my “good ideas.” They usually entail a big plan that is way more work than I think it will be. Kevin always warns me of the work ahead, but I do it anyway. He either loves my feisty side or gets a sick kick out of watching me dig myself into a project that is way over my head. I’ll go with the 1st option.

So I took the older kids with me to Home Depot to pick out veggies. They enthusiastically picked out more packets than what we needed and I quickly put them back without the boys noticing. It was like a well-oiled factory machine of revolving packets of seeds. We then picked out our barrels and soil and headed out.

As I started the car and looked back at the bags and barrels, I started to think about the amount of work I just got myself into. Maybe Kevin was right.

Once we arrived at the farm, I mean home, I unloaded the 3 large barrels and 14 bags of soil. Yes, I just said 14. I’m not good at math and figured it would be best to have too much than not enough. Kevin just laughed when he saw the piles in the garage. I justified my reasoning. He still just laughed.

Luke (7) and Charlie (3) were pumped for helping out until…

It is amazing how easily they get distracted.

And as for the crippled hubby, he did the “sissy” work. He brought me the tools and took the pics. I had to make him useful, right?

Even sleepy and fever stricken Jack (2) woke up and wanted to help…

He got distracted too…

I managed to reel the boys in to plant the herbs. The enticing aroma drew them near…

“Fun-time” Charlie displayed his usual excitement for all things. After all, this is the kid that cheers when he discovers socks in his Christmas stocking. He kept at task and planted the yellow squash, zucchini, and pumpkins.

Luke, on the other hand was playing wii. And Jack, well, he was long-gone.

For the grand finale, we planted the remaining seeds in the mini-greenhouse.

I didn’t realize it would take them about eight weeks to sprout. Again, I’m usually about the big idea, not the details. And when I say grand finale I have to admit there wasn’t anything particularly grand about planting the seeds at this point except that it was grand that it was over. I was beat! And so was my main farmer.

And to prove how bad my math skills are, take a look at this return trip to Home Depot…

I'm a tad embarrassed to admit that we took back 8 bags. Yeah, you can’t be good at everything.


Mommy of three said...

Katie, I swear we were twins separated at birth. This sounds EXACTLy like one of my escapades. I am big on the ideas and I always figure the details will work themselves out. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't and sometimes my ideas are a big bust.
Also, many of my big ideas involve a lot of extra work for Aaron, so he is never that excited by my big plans.
Oh well, I think he had a pretty good idea of what he was getting into when he said, "will you?" and now he's stuck!
I am sure Kevin knew too and he loves you for it. ANd I'm sure your squash is going to be delish!
Happy gardening.
Love from,

Leah said...

haha, funny. it reminds me of anne of green gables when matthew buys way too much brown sugar. heehee.

and, ew, carpet in the bathroom? you are right... that HAS to go!!!

yay for the garden! we just got mint and sweet basil this week too! seth planted old carrot seeds we had laying around and they are just starting to sprout. the kids are learning without even knowing it!

Stephanie said...

I lOVE it and love the details of your story!! See... you are GREAT with the details!!! You give your story total, complete details and make us feel like we were there! I would soooo do that and I love that you got the whole family involved. Can't wait to come visit you guys, see your fixer house and your wonderful garden. You and your family are an inspiration to us all!

Kellee said...

I cannot tell you how many grand ideas I have that sound totally rational in my head until I try to explain them to my husband... Who then usually just rolls his eyes at me... Your garden has inspired me... I think I will attempt this this coming weekend!!!

MA said...

I'm planting my garden too!