Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daddy Day

Saturday was a day just for ME. I don’t get those too often. Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I had one. I am talking about a WHOLE day for myself. This was no quick run to Target without kids (although I crave those too). I am talking about leaving the house at 9:00 a.m. and not returning until pajama time. It couldn’t have come at a better time as Kevin had been gone for quite a few days for business the week prior. You can imagine that after several days with my 3 busy boys, I was READY!

I left the house early in the morning and instead of my usual list of recommendations, I grabbed my purse, kissed each boy on the head, and said a cheerful, “good luck” to my hubby as I waved good-bye and blissfully drove away.

You see- I’ve learned that my boys sometimes just need a daddy day. Please don’t confuse this with a daddy substituting for mommy day. Nope, this is a day for daddy to do as he pleases and how he pleases. Not only does it reaffirm my confidence in Kevin’s ability to care for our precious kiddos, but it also gives my little guys a chance to see that when things are done differently, that it is okay.

This is why my guys love daddy days:

Doughnuts for breakfast (need I say more?)

Big time fort building (notice that Charlie is still in his pajamas)

Collecting nuts from a neighbor’s nut tree

Music time (Daddy has talents that Mommy certainly does not)

As I spent my day getting a pedicure with my mom and shopping with a dear friend, I didn’t have to worry about organic food or sufficient sleep. I knew my kids were having the time of their lives. And that’s what daddy days are all about.


Leah said...

so cute!

i think i will have to try a "daddy day" sounds like a good idea!!! i think i might end up shopping and spending a million dollars though, haha. i guess it's not a "do anything you want day, huh?" haha

Mommy of three said...

Let's hear it for daddy days!

Tina said...

Brad loves daddy days. Whenever I make plans that don't include Madelyn, I tell Brad that I will drop her off at my parent's house and he tells me not to. He gives me "a look" and says "I want my daughter." I know he has fun with her in a totally different way than I do, and that's important to her. You're aboslutely right when you say "but it also gives my little guys a chance to see that when things are done differently, that it is okay. " We're truly blessed to have great daddies for our kids.

Stephanie said...

Love it Katie! I am going to take your advice and do the same one of these days! I am loving reading your blog. You need a newspaper column! Where did you learn to write so well???!!