Friday, April 23, 2010

Thinking Outside of the Box

I have to confess that Fridays are the most dreaded day of the week for me. Unlike most, I embrace Mondays. I eagerly anticipate the beginning of a new week. On Sunday nights, I buzz around my house as I clean up the evidence of a fun and busy weekend. It is strangely satisfying to put away the laundry, stock my refrigerator, and lay out the clothes for the next morning.

Mondays give us the chance to get back to our weekday routine: taking Luke to school, play dates, walks, the gym, and working in the classroom. We are busy, but I love it. Well, except for Fridays.

By Friday, I’m tired. I don’t want to load and unload the kids in and out of the car another time or pack another snack bag for an outing. I’m ready for a day of rest. Unfortunately, my two little ones are not. They still want to PLAY. However, by Friday, we’ve made forts, painted, made play-doh creations, and gone on more nature hikes than you can imagine. I question, “What else is there left to play with in our house?”

This last Friday was unusual in that Kevin was home since we were having new appliances delivered. I had the boys outside to keep them out of the way. I took out the water table and that kept them occupied. But, I knew that would only last for so long. I silently wondered how I was going to keep them busy until lunch and naps.

Then Kevin came out with a box. He cut a hole for the door and a small square window. The boys gasped and jumped with excitement. What is it with kids and boxes? I love it.

I decided the box needed some aesthetic appeal and brought out the crayons.

Jack (2) set about the interior design.

Charlie (3) designed the exterior structures.

The day turned out quite well. I even had to end their playtime with the box in order to get them to eat lunch and take naps. All it took was a little thinking outside of the box.

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Leah said...

perfect! i love how cardboard boxes are so entertaining for little boys!