Monday, April 12, 2010

Give Me a Break!

It was one of THOSE weeks for me. It was spring break and I had our calendar full of daily play dates and fun outings. We were all set. Most of my friends cheer when spring break approaches. Not me.

I like our routine, my kids like our routine, and when we don’t have our routine, we kind of fall apart. For those of you moms who have the “hang at home and relax” thing down with your kids, I salute you.

When we stay home, I find myself fighting the evil forces of TV, Wii, sibling rivalry, and “I’m hungry” whines all day. When we are out and about with friends, at the zoo, or at the park, my kids stay busy and happy. And when we get home they are worn out. It is then that we are able to really enjoy ourselves in our home. We read, create art, construct Lincoln Logs, and ride bikes and scooters out front. When their energy is out, they are quite pleasant to have at home!

Okay, back to spring break. Like I mentioned, we had something planned for each day. Then my kids got sick. One by one, like tumbling dominos, they developed a fever and cough. I was dreading staying home with sick kiddos and imagined myself desperately grabbing onto Kevin’s ankles on his way to work in the morning.

Despite my worries, we made it through the week with the help of a few visits to Blockbuster. I really hate to admit this, but one positive to having sick kids is that they are super mellow. Consequently, having ALL of us home ALL day for 6 days in row wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Whew!

Thankfully, I had a girl’s night out with a friend to look forward to on Sunday. There is truly something to be said for sipping a Cosmopolitan, eating delicious food (that you didn’t have to cook), and conversing without any filters. As my friend and I candidly chatted about all the latest ups and downs, I felt my tension from the prior week dissolve. Why don’t I ever realize how much I need a break until I actually take one?

We all need a break once in awhile. It gives us a new perspective and allows us to refresh in order to be the best moms we can be. If you have not had a break lately, I encourage you to call, email, text, Facebook (you get the idea) a special friend today and set a date on your calendars for some kid-free gal pal time.

Go for it…you deserve it, Mama!


AMedina said...

"imagined myself desperately grabbing onto Kevin’s ankles on his way to work in the morning." I laughed out loud because I have so been there! Hope everyone is on the mend! And just so you know- our family is the same and I dread a break in the routine.

Hannah said...

Since Truman got rid of his nap a week after Dave began working in NorCal, I appreciate bedtime more than I can say. I literally found myself thinking last night(after burying myself in wrightslaw) "Gosh, it must be like 11:00...I should go to bed." When I saw the clock actually said 8:39, well first I laughed, and then I almost cried. So tired!