Monday, January 2, 2012

rockin' new year's 2011

emailing friends mid-day to see if they have plans? check

friends coming over last minute because they're cool like that: check

good food and drinks: check


activities to keep kids busy so adults can chat: check


fierce grown-up competition: check


staying up till midnight: check


Well, it was midnight NY time, but who's counting???

leaving the mess until 2012: check


I hope your 2012 is off to a rockin' start. Make it your best year yet.


Much love,


Erin said...

Happy New Year! One of my resolutions is to finally spend some time with you and your sweet family!

Kelly said...

So fun.
Happy New Year Friend!

Susan said...

Happy New Year!
Big news around here...we finally made it to midnight too! ;)


Karen said...

We barely made to midnight (NY style) but we did it! Then at 9:05 my husband carried me home from the neighbors and put me to bed. (completely sober just up too late) What a crazy night with the kids! Happy New Year!

Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

how fun! looks like you all had a blast!

Flor said...

sounds like your starting 2012 off the right way! happy new years to you my friend :)

hannah singer said...

awesome! looks like a rockin' night for sure!


Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

WOO HOO! How fun was your New Years!!!!??? love it!

Erin Butson said...

Sounds like fun! Looks like a perfect way to ring in the new year! I'd love to trade blog buttons, if you're interested! xo, e

likeschocolate said...

So funny that you celebrating New York time because today there was an article saying that more andorra people are choosing to celebrate earlier in the evening that it is now the in thing to do. Happy New Years!