Sunday, January 15, 2012

thank you

I am overwhelmed by the love and support I received after sharing this post.


I have to admit that sharing about my own personal struggles is brutally tough.

My thoughts flow so smoothly when I share about our struggles with my husband's battle with metastatic melanoma or our oldest son's journey with Asperger's Sydrome.

But, when it comes to me, I hide.

I almost deleted the post. It felt good enough to get it out and see it in words.

But there was a nudge to be bold and push publish.

The wave of love I received washed over me and renewed my spirit. Your prayers were felt.

I suddenly didn't feel like I was walking this path of illness alone.


That is exactly what this blogging community is all about. Although some may not understand why we blog, we get it. We know that it provides an outlet. It gives us an opportunity to connect with one another. And through those connections, true friendships are created.

For that I am thankful.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Much love,


Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you posted, you shouldn't hide. People are here for you whether it's physically or mentally. And you needed to know that.

Kelly said...

the blogging community amazes me everyday.
your welcome and i love you!

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

You are an amazing woman, Katie!
You have gone out of your way to connect with me & to let me know that I am not alone... for that I am so grateful!
I wish you the best with your health, and I wish I could make your pain go away.
Stay strong!

theolivetree said...


Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

so glad you felt our prayers :)

Susan said...

Still thinking of you.
Each night before I go to sleep. I think about your struggle. Be well.
Huge hugs.

hannah singer said...

amen. and connecting with YOU is one of my favorite blessings! praying for you!
let me know if there is anything i can do!

Janna said...

your stories and struggles you share are always an inspiration to me, so keep sharing!

Linda Z said...

Found you from "life in progress." I just ache for you. So sorry you are going through so much. I am dealing with glandular and autoimmune stuff. It's so hard. There are so many days I just put on the face and push through. I pray that God continues to sustain you and encourages your heart.

Danika said...

Hi Katie,
Praise God you felt the power of prayer! I read your post a few weeks ago and have been praying for you. I have a deep sense of understanding as I deal with the same disease. Thank you for your comment on my blog back in Dec. I just now got it! I know I don't know you but I have to say, after having lupus for 18 years, it's nice to meet someone who can, for the first time, relate to my life. It's not common to come across someone at our age with the same health struggles....thanks for sharing, God blesses me when I am humble enough to share with others what is going on rather than always trying to keep it all together:)