Thursday, January 26, 2012

these times, they are a-changing

Bob Dylan could not have said it better.

My life is about to undergo an enormous change in one week.

I interviewed for a long-term substitute position for the rest of the school year at my boys' school on Tuesday.

I got the call today and was offered the position.

As you may know, teaching jobs in California are obsolete. I never imagined that being the case when I left the profession to stay home with then just Luke, and eventually Charlie and Jack.

However, I have always left the possibility to return to work IF it was at their school. I want to see them during the day, attend their performances, drive together, etc.

The extra income will be beneficial for us as well.

Although, I'm thrilled with the opportunity ahead of me, I am anxious about the change from stay-at-home mom to working mom.

Being home with my boys has been my everything. I am clinging to our routines and way of life as we have known it.

I am anxious about the impact it will have on the boys, our family, and

But life is about change. It is not easy, but that is the way life rolls.

And as it so happens, we are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning and coming home after midnight on the 2nd. I will show up to teach a few hours later.

So I am rolling with it because when we are confronted with change we can cling onto the past or roll with the future.

Yes, I'm rolling.

So Mr. Bob Dylan, you're right. These times they are a-changing.

Much love,


Greta said...

I know you can do it Katie and you will do a great job with everything.
You're already a working mom.
It's just now you'll be working outside the home in addition to working inside it. :)
Praying you have a wonderful, relaxing vacation.
And that the first day is marvelous!
Love from,

Leah said...

that's awesome katie! i think it's neat that you will still be close to them, but able to bring in extra income. i hope it works out to be a total blessing for you all.

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Good luck, Katie! This sounds like a great opportunity for you & your family! Keep us posted on how it goes, and... have fun in Hawaii!! Lucky! ;)

Jessica said...

Congratulations, and good luck! Getting everyone out the door in the morning is the hardest part (at least at my house), but after that, it's a breeze. And extra income is always nice. :-)

Hawaii?? I'm not jealous at all, not one little bit...(ENJOY!)

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

I'm squealing....just picture it and hear it in your head. Hawaii??... that's awesome! Wow, have soooooo much fun. And God is so good about the job thing. Love ya bunches.:)

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

Congrats! I get nervous about entering the working world again someday. Not sure when, but I would like to someday? Prayers heading your way! What a perfect job, you get to see your kids!

Melissa said...

Wow! That is great!! Is there a chance that the position will chance to full time? Have fun in Hawaii. Post pics!!

Laurie J said...

katie! have a fabulous time in hawaii and i'm celebrating with you the future that's ahead. God is so faithful. i remember reading waybackwhen about you applying to go back to teaching. i'll be praying for your transition back just like i pray for your health!
<3 <3 <3

Susan said...

Eeeeek! How exciting for you.
Have a great time in Hawaii and I look forward to hearing about the new gig when you get back. xo

Charla Liedahl said...

Wow! That's BIG!!! I'm sure you'll do just fine, although there will most likely be a learning curve for you and the rest of your family as you navigate the waters of a new normal. Enjoy your time in Hawaii and rest up for the new season of life!

Small Town Joy: said...

Good luck! Just cling to God, He can do this!

Melissa said...

Congrats! That's so exciting! It's going to be great and I'm sure your class will love you too!

Four Flights said...

Congratulations! Sounds like an amazing opportunity!

Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

congrats!! how exciting!! good luck!! and have an awesome time in Hawaii!! :)

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

WOW! times are a-changing i guess. nice that you have Hawaii as a buffer betwixt the old & the new (life). wishing you a blast this week!!!!!

Erin said...

Holy Cow! This is huge! Isn't it amazing how God gives us the desires of our heart IN HIS TIMING! I know you will fall back into your teaching role beautifully as well as continue to be the amazing wife and mommy you have been all along. Have a great time in Hawaii (and don't think a thing about your new job!) so excited for you!

Adrian said...

Wow! Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity for you and your family. Have the best time in Hawaii. Oh how I would love to be sitting on a Hawaiian beach right now.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Roll on, Mama!

Have fun in Hawaii. And...I love your boy names!

Vivian said...

Congratulations! Best to you. I'm sure you will find great strength and support from those around. Know that those who are not around you, feel the same way, too :)

Genn said...

Big changes that's for sure!
Have a blast in Hawaii and good luck getting back into a new swing of things!


likeschocolate said...

I am sure everything will work out! Have fun in Hawaii! Oh, great job on the Harry Potter party. It looks like it was a huge success .

hannah singer said...

awesome, mama! praying for you, may the transition be smooth and joyful. AND hope you are soaking up hawaii, what a treat.

love you xo

Flor said...

hope you are having an awesome time and I just know it will all work out for you! i can't wait to hear from you so you can tell us how you're doing!

missmehoneybee said...

Yay for you. Your gonna do great! xo.So nice its just a few months too.

Michele said...

Whoa! I'm so behind on blog reading. I didn't realize you were going back to work. Oh, my! I'm happy for you and nervous for you. I know it will be a huge change of routine. I will pray for you that you will have all the things you need to get it done...that's what I pray for myself, too. Best of luck, friend!!!