Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's a God Thing Sat.-Sun. Link-Up

I've been in a funky funk on and off for a couple of weeks. I think it has been the fact that we were house bound after the boys' surgery. Everyone told me how fast they'd recover from having their adenoids removed. So I was prepared for one day at Children's hospital and then back to our summer fun by the next day.

Except that Luke (8) also had his tongue clipped.

My poor kid was not only throwing up from the awful taste in his mouth from the adenoid removal, but his tongue was sore and swollen and stayed that way for days. He barely spoke for a whole week; just a lot of shaking "no" and nodding "yes".

Now, I know some of you love slow days at home. I am seriously giving you a high five now as I type.

I am not the mom who enjoys long, slow days at home. My boys are wild. Our house is small. God did not give me the gene of patience, and I may or may not have a hint of hyperactivity lingering around in my brain.

I like busy.

I like plans.

I like plans to keep my crazy boys busy.

So over the last few days, I have gone down a road leading to nowhere but, Feeling Sorry For Myself Street.

I have been griping about the lack of space of my home, griping about hyper children who like to giggle a lot over words like "fart" and "poop". I just don't get it. I'm a girl. Homey don't play that game.

My kids have had time-outs, "I will not tattle" writing assignments, and a mom on the brink of a break down with not a bon bon or bottle of Calgon in sight.

But then I read something powerful. It stopped me in my tracks. It brought my journey down Feeling Sorry For Myself Street to a halt.

How could I let these little daily hiccups control my outlook so profoundly when this sweet mother was making plans for her journey to heaven?

I wonder why it takes reading something like her blog to make me more grateful for the life God has blessed me with. Yes, I say "blessed" even with the potty talk and time-outs because I know this mother would gladly trade a day of frustrations with a day of planning to say goodbye to her children.

God did a major heart check on my heart through her story. It is my prayer that it won't take the majors in life to make me realize how insignificant the minors are.

Much love,

P.S. The winner of last week's gift away is Kelly from Fly with Me!!!

P.S.S. Thank you for praying for my boys and my mom. My mom has jumped through one more hoop. Her latest test were better than the weeks before, which means no dialysis for now. She will test every 2 weeks for now and we'll take it from there. You guys are the best!!!

I was so thrilled with last week's link-up. I love your heartfelt wisdom and beautiful words. Here's how you can link-up for this week:
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Karrie said...

Well, I have no post to write this week, but I will say YOUR post (this one right here!) is a "God thing" post for me in itself! :)
I am T H R I L L E D to hear your mom will not be going on dialysis at the current moment! YES!

I am also going to share that I am right there with you with the "need plans, need busy, feel sorry for myself when I am stuck at home" attitude. Ah yes, it takes all kinds, but you are not alone and we must embrace God made us to be who we are. He waits to see what we will do with it :)

The blog you shared broke my heart! I only read a few posts and to find out not only is their daughter dealing with major health problems, but the mom too? Wow. I can't even imagine. Just heartbreaking!

hannah singer said...

echoing karrie, praise god about your mom!!
thanks for the link to that family. wow.

love you darling friend. press on!

{cuppakim} said...

thanks katie.
a little perspective is needed for me too this afternoon.

praise the LORD for His work in your mom.
and you.
in your hearts.
and your devotion to Him. :)

Happy Saturday.

And thank you for sharing Frances' story.