Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Let me tell you what a week it has been! Thank God it is Friday!


Seriously. Seriously.

We've had a ton of tattling. A few thousand time-outs, and more mama threats than you can imagine. Despite it all, I love my 3 rowdy boys and the fun we have together.


Seriously. Seriously.

A visit to the Bird Sanctuary in Del Mar was super cool.


All the birds there are rescues. We got to feed them and hold them. Well, I didn't because I'm scared of the fact that parrots have sword sharp talons and pointy beaks which could pierce through my skin and cause quite a bloody scene. But, I let Luke (8) do it. I'm Mother of the Year that way.

And speaking of Mother of the Year, I forgot that I made plans to see Midnight in Paris with friends (woo hoo) and had to pick up Luke from a friend's birthday party early. I whispered in his ear that we'd get ice cream on the way home to lessen my guilt and to get him out of their house without him giving me the evil eye. Mission accomplished.

His youngest brother Jack (3) was down with ice cream plan too...


After spending a scorching day out in the blazing sun while splashing and diving in the pool, I cut this humungous sucker up...


Am I the only lazy mom who looks at cutting up a watermelon like I'm about the climb Mount Everest???

Two major life savers this week. Forts and City Blocks. 3 boys+building=a few minutes of peace and quiet for mama. Charlie (5) was hard core about his tower...


To wrap up the week, we went bowling and checked off one more thing from our Summer Fun List. I get a rush each time I mark a check. I'm a nut that way. Bowling with bumpers is so the way to go...


And proof that we all needed to catch our breaths and exhale with an long slow "whew", a sleepy 8 year old after VBS, bowling, and karate...


Happy weekend everyone!

Much love,

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Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

hahah this post just made me laugh. Have a great weekend!

Nancy said...

I love the phrase Mother of the Year. Congratulations! :) I verbally declared this week that I was NOT winning that title on Wednesday when I was in the process of chewing out my youngest daughter, my Iphone fell into the pool, sat there for about 60 seconds, and then I busted out a non-repeating type of word. My girls looked at me in horror and then my oldest called me on it. Conviction. No MOTY title for me. Your week looked awesome and full o' fun.

gratefulmama said...

I avoid cutting a watermelon at all costs. I love to eat them but sometimes they sit on my counter until they go bad because the task is too overwhelming. Looks like you guys had a great week!

Erin said...

Love the pic of sleeping Luck- so cute! And that is quite an impressive tower. So who got to knock it down? Glad to hear you survived the week.

Laurie J said...

ice cream is a great way to get kids to leave somewhere pronto--good work! ;) and I can totally relate to the cutting of watermelon being a daunting task. I pay extra for one that's cut into 4ths already. hardcore lazyness here!

Adrian said...

I hate cutting up watermelon. So no, you're not the only one.

I'm Holly said...

I'm not a fan of cutting watermelon either. I try to do it all at once, then have cubed watermelon in the fridge ready to eat. Yum.

{cuppakim} said...

you HAVE had a crazy week.

i think ice cream was a fair trade. :) YUM.

watermelon cutting is quite the chore. i have been cutting one per week. and eating the WHOLE thing myself.

two this week, because I cut one up for our kids club.

but the payoff is sweet.

heartland farmhouse said...

A word..two actually! Melon Baller.
I NEED to get me one to too. I can relate to your view of watermelon! ;)

But then again! It is more fun to eat as as slice I suppose. I wouldn't know since I'm not a big watermelon eater.


hannah singer said...

fun photos! bird sanctuary sounds awesome!

also, watermelon cutting hates me. for reals.


likeschocolate said...

I love the lady photo. It is perfect. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Thanks for your sweet comments on my sons blog. It turns out that the murmur was more than just a murmur. I guess addy has a hole in her heart. The good thing is we have a fantastic cardiologist and he is pretty confident that the hole will close up on it's own. He will keep a good eye on her. I hope your mom is doing better.

Jessica Johnson said...

love your insta layout! need to copy you and switch things up a bit. also. I. LOVE. JENGA. LOVE LOVE LOVE.