Thursday, November 3, 2011

the current

There are days when the life river moves with ease. It flows naturally and you go with it.

Then there days when the current is aggressive. You feel like you may lose your footing at any moment as you step from one slippery rock to the next as you battle to climb upstream.

Perhaps the most significant lesson I have learned is that one current is not better than the other.

It just is.

Even when I'm fighting to push upstream, it does not determine that life is bad.

Such as a day when you plan a quick day trip to Malibu with a friend and her children. You wonder if the stretch from San Diego to Malibu might be pushing it with little guys in the car, but you go for it anyway because you see the opportunity for fun.

When that trip turns into a 5 hour drive just to get there and then you are told that there is no entrance to the hiking trail, you consider pulling the car over on the windy hilltop to sob.


But you don't because you realize that there is still an opportunity to seek fun and go with it.



As you feel the sand squishing under your feet while watching your guys explore the tide pools, you know that you are grateful despite that rapid which tried to drown the day.


The life current is always changing. It has it's moods.

Some are low.

Some are high.


When I am able to wrap myself around that fact; when I truly accept it, I am able to let go and befriend the current of life whether it be a day of calm waters or a day of fighting the fierce rapids.

My faith, family and friends are the constants that bring me joy. It is not the temporary things which a day of calm water brings. The constants are from a deeper place and they withstand fickle currents.



Those constants are the rocks I cling to as I attempt to keep my stability while the rapids try to knock me off my feet and swiftly sweep me downstream.



I hope that you are able to face the current of your life with confidence and find your stability with the constants in your life.

Much love,


Janna said...

beautiful post Katie - you have such a way with the serious topics. I have an asd post to write that has been building for weeks, and for some reason lately I have trouble finding words for the serious stuff, especially that.

Laurie J said...

this is just great, katie! we've all got these constants in our life to cling to when the current gets a little crazy.....God is good to give us those! looks like a fun day was had, tho you may have found me sobbing after the 5 hours ;) happy weekend to you!

theolivetree said...

well said!

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

you have a way with words!
Standing on the rock with you my dear!
Matthew 7:24-27

looks like the day turned out pretty nice indeed!
the fact that you can up & drive to Malibu, blows my mind!!! the closest i've ever gotten to Malibu is Malibu Barbie! ;)

Susan said...

Such a beautiful post!
And you have the best attitude.

Lesley said...

beautiful! thank you for writing that :)

Jessica Johnson said...

Love this. And just like the Lord controls the currents of the seas, He controls the currents of our lives. Praise Him for that! :)

Genn said...

hi katie,
man oh man can i relate to your post today.
sometimes you just have to swim harder don't you. doesn't mean it's not worth it, and it is what it is.
beautiful post.
love your attitude as always.
and such pretty beach pictures.
hope you have a smooth sailin' kinda weekend. :)

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

Love everything about this post!

Heather said...

You take such lovely pictures!!!
Love your little family :)

Rachael said...

I love the photos!!