Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween traditions 11'

This is how we do Halloween in la casa de spencer...






We set up on Oct. 1st and embraced any excuse to wear our costumes...Brick-or-Treat, monster mash, and trick-or-treating. Our church has a super fun festival too, but we were not able to go this year.

The night before, we carved our pumpkins. Traditions. I love them.







And the day of Halloween, we rocked it out with my go-to hosting meal: turkey chili, corn bread, and salad. Easy. Take that Martha.

The kids had a Mac n' cheese and watermelon option. No one needs to go hungry when they are about to pound the pavement for candy galore.






The kids' excitement and love for traditions filled this mama's heart with pure joy. After a full month of visiting Lavendar Hills Pumpkin Patch, Julian, decorating our house, crafting, baking, costuming wearing, Brick-or-Treating at Legoland, parties, etc., my heart is bursting at the seams.

I hope you have some heart seam bursting happening in your neck of the woods.

Much love,


Four Flights said...

Great pictures. and was that a chalk pumpkin I spotted? Glad you guys had such a nice Halloween!

casey leigh said...

my heart is smiling. Evan asked me today when the next Halloween is. This momma pulled all the decorations down yesterday and he was a little heartbroken when he came home from school. out with the jack-o-lantern, in with the turkeys. let's face it, this house is generally bursting at the seams with turkeys anyway...

Janna said...

So cute! I was the hostess this year with chili for the grown ups and pizza for the kids. You go all out with the decorations. Impressive!

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

Oh, i love family traditions..something rich about them. And something that your kids will have forever. All your food was so cute. Awesome stuff Katie...love it.

Erin said...

Love it all! So many memories made!

{cuppakim} said...

you guys do halloween RIGHT :)

Karen said...

Love all the decorations, crafts and food! You rock Martha Stewart!

Susan said...

I love traditions too. So amazing when the kids REMIND you of what needs to happen at a particular time of year, holiday etc.
You are Martha Stewart oy!

hannah singer said...

awesome! #momoftheyear

love you, katie!

Stephanie said...

Your food was too cute.... Your kiddos will have such awesome memories thanks to the extra mile you went to make it so special!

xo katrina said...

looks like you had an awesome halloween!

MellyB said...

I love your leaf pumpkin! And I also have the sticky window decorations but sadly they became fly catchers and had to go. Who knew that innocent sticky leaves could become such death traps?

Looks like your family does things right. Bravo dudette.

Flor said...

love all your pictures! I PROMISED myself that I would do more Halloween stuff this year.. and before I knew it was Halloween already! Ok, so next year I will do better I PROMISE.. I want to do everything you've done! lol :)
And I love that chalkboard pumpkin!

Adrian said...

I love all of the decorations...so fun! And your boys are too cute.

Laurie J said...

those deviled eggs. creative!