Saturday, November 19, 2011

sea world Christmas season

I have said it before, but we are spoiled with theme parks in So. Ca.

We are fortunate to have passes to Legoland and Sea World and we use them often. I still get the same feeling I did as I kid when I first spot the Sea World tower from the freeway. I know we are close and the fun is about to begin.


Kevin took an early day off on Friday so we could enjoy the Holiday Season Celebration.

(fuzzy pic taken by take what you can get, right?)




I have to admit that the lines were too long and we became the parents saying, "Okay Boys, take a look at the reindeer. We'll see Santa another time."


However, we played hard, ate dinner over roaring rapids, and cruised above the bay on the sky ride.


There was no complaing about not playing in the snow or seeing Santa.

Instead we huddled together and wrapped up the night with "Twas The Night Before Christmas" with Symore and Clyde.


As hard headed as I am about reserving Christmas for December, I am glad I broke my rules and went with it. Sometimes the rules just have to be broken.

I hope you each have a beautiful Thanksgiving. Let us all count our abundant blessings.

Much love,


hannah singer said...

LOVE! everything is instantly more magical when all decked out for the holidays!!

happy monday, sweetie friend! love you.

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

What a FUN time! The angle on the tree picture is my fav, really captures the height of it!

Shelley said...

We have been trying to plan a trip to Disneyland for past two would be fun to go during the Christmas season. So is Legoland fun for a 2 year old?

Susan said...

You are so lucky! And I won't even get started on the weather. Sigh.

Michele said...

Awesome family pic (even if it's fuzzy)! You guys are so lucky to have fun amusement parks so close. My friends who live near San Antonio always post on FB about trips to Sea World and Fiesta Texas. Fun times! Family time together is the best!

Anonymous said...

Darn those strangers who take fuzzy pics! And they never tell you!

Nancy said...

I have heard about the Sea Word Christmas. I would love to go to that. I took my Brownie troop last spring to a Sea World sleepover. That was fun. Cold but fun!

Melissa said...

Love this! I so wish we had more fun stuff to do with kids. I have also broken my rules and started celebrating with all the Christmas stuff. :)

theolivetree said...

ohhhhh looks like fun!! I wanna go! We go to Branson for the Christmas events every year :)

Adrian said...

I've never been to Sea World at Christmas and honestly I didn't even know they did anything big. It looks like so much fun!