Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I find my mama heart often burdened.

I fear I am not doing enough.

Enough to impact their spirituality, their education, the shaping of who they are to become.

I feel like time is moving quicker than ever and like I'm cramming all I want them to learn as if it is midnight before a college final.

These fears can be overwhelming for me.

But then there is a stillness in my heart where I hear the truth speaking.

They already are who they were made to be. My job is not to create them, but to shape and mold what has already been created.

I hear the truth reassuring me that it won't be the nagging to throw socks in the hamper or scolding for arguments over legos.

Their memories are sponges that soak in the joy...

The playtime...


The time to create...


And the time to share and be together.


Much love,

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Jamie said...

You are a most amazing mom creating great memories for your children!

Karen said...

Just by providing them with your love, you are doing everything that would ever possibly be needed.

Laurie J said...

wha?! mine isn't the only house where arguments over legos occur? ;) "their memories soak up the joy" I love the sweet way you put things, bloggy friend <3

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

Why does your house always look so fun?
(I understand...I feel it too, the sand being sucked right out of the hourglass at lightening speed)

Kelly said...

katie you are the bomb! this post is so beautiful.
i often find myself fearful...my boy will be in high school in 1.5 years. what??? but i hope and pray i have molded him and shaped him well and that he turns to the lord always.
hugs to you.