Saturday, November 5, 2011

ditch day

There are days when the obedient should haves refuse to cooperate.

But then you take those rebellious should haves and rock them out. You blow what the obedient should haves would have been.

Case in point:

Sick kids.


Sick parents.

Sleepless nights and musical beds.

What should have been a Friday spent at the Wild Animal Park with Luke and all the other 3rd graders, a regular day at kindergarten for Charlie, and a day with Grandma for Jack, quickly became a would not day.

When I startled myself awake at 8 a.m., looked at the clock, heard the rain pounding against the windows, found Kevin sleeping on the floor in the room of a fever stricken Jack, I knew I needed to throw the should haves out the window.


So like any self-respecting and responsible parent, I declared it a ditch day. For those of you gasping that Luke and I ditched the Wild Animal Park field trip, have no fear. We had passes and have been there a million times. The kid can't stand being cold and wet and was relieved to stay home.



Kevin decided to join the rebellious crowd and worked lightly while hanging out with us, which included layering on the rain boots and jackets to see Puss in Boots.




I love looking to my left and seeing the 5 of us taking up the majority of the seats in the row. I think there is room for more???

Adoption. It is dwelling in my heart. Big time. We shall see.

We finished the day with reading and "homework" because the former teacher in me was feeling a tad guilty.


Luke finished the 4th Harry Potter book. You have to love an 8 year old who reads like it is going out of style.


734 pages. That's dedication for an 8 year old.

Once the sun set, we wrapped it up with drawing and movie watching by the fire.


24 hours later, we woke up to a fresh start of should haves.


The should haves are back in order, but we'll look forward to the next time they go haywire because we are learning that some of the best moments come from the unexpected.


I hope you had a happy weekend, friends.

Much love,

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Karen said...

We had a ditch day on Friday too! 3 of us were sick, one went off to work, and I called in back-up to help with my "to-do list" while the kids and I watched t.v by the fire all day long! Since I was sick too I didn't mind all their germs this time.

april@gingerbread said...

I used glue....Im way too lazy to bust out the sewing machine and try...lols

The Arizona Russums said...

yay for ditch day! my parents used to do this for us which resulted in some of my favorite childhood memories!

Janna said...

LOVE IT!!! Your weekend of ditch days sound similar to mine...ditching my plans for cuddling and a doctor visit - totally what I needed even if I didn't know it.

theolivetree said...

ohhhh I will so have ditch days!! My dad & I used to wait until my mom went to work and then skipped school/work ... & eat cheeseburger & french fires for breakfast...ahh the good 'ol days :)

Anonymous said...

you're a precious momma :) and i haven't been here in a while, so i have to comment on your new header...i love it! too cute! hope you're doing well :)

Jessica said...

those days were we just throw out any plans and run with it are the best. i'm sorry to hear of sick kids though. never fun.

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

we ditched the weekend. no party with the girl friends Saturday, no church on Sunday....just snotty noses,fevers & mt dew since i was out of OJ (yikes, does that make me a bad mom?) Hannah loved it!

i like how FUN you made dd look!

PS ~ 734??? what am i missing? :)

Anonymous said...

You have got to be one of the best, most laid back mama's ever! Love that about you!! I could use some pointers, too! I guess that's why I love your blog so much.
Hope Jack is all better!
And I can't think of a better family to adopt...
Not sure if that makes sense, but it makes sense in my head! ha!

the cape on the corner said...

what a fabulous little pirate! hope everyone was feeling better.

Gina said...

Some of the best moments come from the unexpected...I totally agree!

And how awesome that your son loves to read, I've been encouraging my son to crack open the first Harry Potter but he's not quite willing to commit to trying (even though I know he'd be up to it!)

Kelly said...

We (my youngest and i) love ditch days. My over achieving oldest son hates to miss school...who's child is he? Haha. Heaven for bid he not make principles list.

Ramona Iordan said...

you have some very cute kids! it seems that the rain is everywhere this week! thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

hannah singer said...

harry potter!!
some favorite things ;)
what else is my fave? YOU are. happy night to you, dear one. xo

Flor said...

haha , ditch day..I love it! you are an excellent mama :) Sometimes a little break in routine is needed to just relax and regroup.
and I can't believe you're 8 YEAR OLD is reading Harry Potter! I'm so impressed, wow! :)

Melissa said...

Love the random "day offs". Some of my best memories was when my mom would suprise us with that...just a special day with her.
I'm excited to hear about adoption being on your heart. We are praying about it for us as well and the right timing. Hope to hear more!

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

So sorry you guys' weren't feeling well...hope all are getting better now. How exciting? Adoption...I hear you and will keep you in my prayers about that. Your kids reading, the view out your window, taking the change of plans with ease... love it all.:)

Susan said...

There is SO much goodness in this post.
Some of my very best days growing up were days my own mother said - don't go today, we'll do "this" instead.
Adoption. Wow. That is huge. I say there is totally many seats are in a typical movie theater row?....... :)

Adrian said...

I love that you all took the day off together! Sometimes you just need that time as a family, to do a little bit of nothing and relax. It's so refreshing.