Sunday, October 2, 2011

i can

We had BIG plans for this weekend. Like keep us busy 24/7, a million things on the to-do list, kind of BIG plans weekend.

Some of the plans delivered like the Fed Ex package that has been tracked from state to state and arrives with a knock on the door and makes your heart skip a beat because you know that beneath the packing tape and packaging, there is something glorious inside that you've been waiting for like a kid on Christmas morning.

Saturday and Sunday were days spent with cousins. Although we live within driving distance, lives get busy. We get bombarded with to-do lists, and the calendar fills up months in advance. The intention to be together more often is there, but somehow we get side-tracked.

But when that day, the one marked "Lavendar Hills Pumpkin Patch" arrives, we gladly ditch the to-do list for the we-want-to-do list.

We Want-To-Do List:
1.meander through a from the vine pumpkin patch.


While I know that I could have my kids select a bright orange pumpkin from a large cardboard box in front of Walmart and save me the expense, the experience brings me so much heart wealth that it doesn't matter.






I put off plans to make yet another dinner when the week clutched my ankles in an attempt to get me to slow down. I surrendered without a fight and grabbed a pizza and sushi on the go and didn't think twice about the vast difference between the two meals.


I'm learning to go with it.

And speaking of going with it. The fort factor makes me cringe. The mess, the rearranging of furniture, the dog hair getting on the kills me.


But, I'm learning to go with that too, because when these guys get to play "restaurant" and eat in their fort while we have movie night, their joyful smiles and enthusiasm speaks a new language to my heart.

"Yes, you can go with it." It speaks loudly to me and I listen.

I'm translating the old, "I can't" to "I can" for them and for me.

We Want-To-Do List:
2. Strolling through shaded lanes of an organic apple orchard.

As if our happy buckets weren't brimming to the top and about to gush over, we drove to Julian for our annual apple picking with another set of cousins on Sunday.


I dig these people. I'm glad they're mine.




And when that sweet, gentle, 5 year old hand comes from behind and catches my mama heart off guard, I squeeze it and wish that it would always be like this.


So I remind myself again, yes, "I can."

For them.

For me.


Much love,

p.s. one more day to enter the give-away for the hubby's CD!

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Four Flights said...

looks like it was a great weekend. glad you went with it :) p.s. we're pumpkin patch kind of people too :)

Nancy said...

I love this post. Yes, you can and you did! I am just like you, Katie with the fort factor. I love that pic of the little guy trying to lift the wheelbarrow. Perfect.

Janna said...

I'm becoming more of an I Can mom too and am finding it's so much more fun. You made me laugh when you said "I surrender without a fight and grab a pizza and sushi on the go and don't think twice about the vast difference between the two meals."

Greta said...

I LOVE that pumpkin patch. It'r right near my parent's house and it is so beautiful.
Love the rest of this post too. Be a yes! mommy!
Love from,

Karen said...

That looks like a beautiful and memorable weekend Katie!!

heartland farmhouse said...

Good job Katie! Way-to-go!!!!
I need to do better at this!

hannah singer said...

katie, you always i inspire!!
love that pumpkin patch, may i come visit? ;)

Leah said...

aaaahhhhh. i need to take my kids to do this. so fun.

Laurie J said...

i dig these people! :) you crack me up and as hannah wrote, inspire me, too. looks like a fun time and love that sushi/pizza combo!!

{cuppakim} said...

did you guys get the blue pumpkin? i had one last year and its my fav kind! i had it out for several months and eventually it turned orange (crazy right)

i bought some pumpkins yesterday at TJ's but no blue ones there - so hopefully this week i'll find some at the another grocery store :)

Erin said...

How fun! We're planning both adventures in the next few weeks too. Although I've heard its slim pickins this year in the apple orchards. Also love your new header!

erin said...

i love this - and happy fall to you!

Adrian said...

I love the hand holding. I don't want it to ever stop. And that pumpkin patch looks amazing.

Michele said...

I tried to comment earlier, but it didn't work. If I've commented twice, oops! I'm learning to embrace "go with it". I feel like I keep getting life lessons about just being in the moment and enjoying what I have. My boys are the perfect reminder to do that. Great images of your little guys. They are awesome!

Genn said...

hi katie!
love your new header! so perfect for your blog.
yes you can!!! we just have to say that out loud over and over sometimes. ;)
we are going to oak glen in two weekends. i am hoping it will be cold. we'll see.
have a great week.

TDM Wendy said...

Sweetness. Apples and pumpkins straight from the source. Good times.

Grace said...

love this post! we just recently did apple picking too! we had so much fun! happy fall friend!

Susan said...

So fun.
And can I just tell you how much I wish we could wear open toed flip flops to apple pick/pumpkin choose? So jealous.
Great pics.
PS - love the new header!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This is such a sweet post and I am so glad that I found your blog!! I especially like the picture of your son carrying the bags of apples!

Anonymous said...

Apples and pumpkins... FALL! I love these pics.

Sometimes it's okay to let go of the rules, like always eating at the table, and only eating super healthy dinners. Pizza, sushi and popcorn, and fort restaurants make for a great family fun night! :0)