Sunday, October 9, 2011

thoughts on blog sugar

It has taken me awhile to write about the depth of my Blog Sugar (blog conference) experience.

It was easy to share my photos of adorable pink donuts, cotton candy, and globe balloons.

But what I have struggled to share with you is that it challenged me.

The message was overwhelming clear and simple:

God has made us unique.

God has given us a voice.

There are times when I struggle with my blog. I waiver throughout my thought process and hesitate on my words.

I worry that when I write about faith that people put me the religious box and ship me away.

I worry that I might over share and repeat my story about our journey with lupus, cancer, and asperger's even though I know we own that story and feel strongly that our experience will be used to bring comfort and hope to others struggling with some or all of the same trials.

I worry that I am not a good enough story teller.

I worry that I am not funny enough.

I worry that my crafts stink.

I worry that I look fat in my profile picture.

I worry that I don't compare to those who seem to jump in numbers week by week as my blog is on a slow crawl up the blogging mountain even though I swore I'd never let numbers dictate what I wrote.

However, Blog Sugar helped me reassess my insecurities and recognize that they focus on me, me, me.

Blog Sugar reminded me that my commitment is to be me, but not about me, me, me.

Lastly, it put blogging into perspective. The event's ministry was LOVE146. This ministry is seeking to protect those trapped in child sex slavery. Please check this out and consider how you can help.

Much love,


Kimberlee Haag @ said...

I <3 you, I <3 your story. I am so beyond blessed by your blog. Thanks for all you share. XoXo

Genn said...

Blog Sugar left my mind reeling.
It gave me so much to think about.
Such a new perspective on things.
I loved walking away feeling reassured that I am who I am for a reason. There is a purpose for everything.
Embrace it. That is all we can do, right? Even in the face of hard times, it is all for a reason.
Good post. :)

theolivetree said...

well I like you just the way you are! I always seem to lose follower in my devotional wed... but I am ok with that : ) p.s what a great ministry LOVE146 is!!!

Lindsay said...

I didnt get to meet you but next time :) I couldn't agree with you more!

Anonymous said...

You are so real. Your blog is unbelievable.. You have encouraged me more than you know. God is using you through this blog. You are an excellent story-teller, NEVER boring, a great mom and Sooooooooo not fat. But even if you were plump we'd all still love you! God is definitely working here. :0)

Lora said...

what a great post! i love your transparency. honestly, i think we all struggle with exactly the same emotions. (i know i do!) keep on keepin on! God is using you!! :)

Darlene said...

Sadly, I didn't make it to Blog Sugar, however, I was at the first one that Rachel so generously hosted. I started blogging, then stopped blogging. Now, I'm back to it but have a new perspective, as well. I'm not going to get caught up in the number of comments (even though it feels great to get the support). I'm just going to blog what I want. Things my daughters may want to read about in the future. Thoughts I may have at that moment. It's all about fun and memories for me! Have a great day!

likeschocolate said...

I think if you always keep in mind to write from the heart than that is all that matters. Though I can completely relate. I have to remind myself that the first person I right for I'd myself and not to take it too personal when no comments are left.

TDM Wendy said...

Thanks for your honesty. You are a unique creation of God!

And if your crafts stink you can totally hang out with me next year at blog sugar (if there is one and I can go). I am thinking of bring moldy fruit to giveaway.

Karen said...

Embrace who you are Katie and not what you think other's will think. So much easier said, I know. Leave the worry behind, God will take care of that. You get to just enjoy the ride! Love your honesty and love you girl!

Erin said...

BS got my mind reeling as well. I think we needed more time to debrief afterwards! Insecurity is such a joy drainer. We need to constantly go back to what we know is true (ie: those who know you love you, get you, and appreciate you and all you do) and stop focusing on what we think other people may think (when they are probably not even thinking that!)Easy say, hard do right?

Alyss said...

You rock. Everyone feels all that you listed. Keep trucking and do what Katie does best.

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

slow & steady wins the race (not that blogging is about winning ~ unless you're talking souls)!!!

you are funny
you are crafty
you are NOT fat ~ phat gorgeous maybe! ;)
you stories are GREAT ~ because they're yours!

your story made me like you MORE! PREACH it sister!

also i 'get' what you're saying i think 'we' all struggle with that...your honesty is refreshing!!!

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

I heart you Katie girl...and I feel ya. I feel all of what you said and i just hope & pray that there is a sweet aroma that comes from my life_ my story. There is one that comes from yours_ always has...:)

Susan said...

It is nice to see how very humble you are. A breath of fresh air.
And a GREAT storyteller. Crafty. So funny. And so NOT FAT!

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

dont worry about any of that! "I worry that when I write about faith that people put me the religious box and ship me away." i used to feel the exact same way but realized thats a ship God put me on LOL. i love your blog and the more i read about your life the more amazed and inspired i am by you. and you're not fat at all my love. xoxo

p.s i really like the header.

hannah singer said...

katie, i just adore you. you are a champion! blog sugar was such a gift, as was meeting you!
thanks for always sharing your honest, refreshing heart. xo