Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cd give-away winner announced!!!

So I go old school in this hood.

There's no fancy shmancy computer generated random selector used by this chica.

Heck no! Not when I have this guy who works for free and is a ton cuter anyway.


I bet you're wondering who is the lucky winner of the CD by now.

Drum roll, please.


Congrats to Kimberlee.

And may I just mention that she is guest posting here tomorrow? Coincidence? I think not! It just may be a sign that minivan diva is a good place to hang. So welcome Kimberlee. We can't wait to read what you have to share with us.

Stop by tomorrow and support miss Kim as she shares with you!

Much love,


{cuppakim} said...

hahah - i am kimberlee too - but since i'm not guest posting tomorrow (at least not that i know of ;) ) i'm guessing its not me hahahah! so funny!

heartland farmhouse said...

Yayyyy for Kimberlee!

Okay... I have to say AGAIN (it think) that I really like that pic of you on the top right! Where pray tell did you get that blouse? :)

Kimberlee Haag @ http://enoughfaithfortoday.blogspot.com/ said...

WHAT!!! Did I just read this right! I am so sorry for you {cuppakim} but I am SO EXCITED to hear kevin’s CD! THis just made my TERRIBLE day so much better! XoXo. ANd the fact that we are post swappin’ just makes this so much sweeter! It’s like the cherry on top! Love ya friend!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! That's way better than Random.org!!!