Saturday, October 22, 2011

5 for friday (oops...Sat.) with Janna

5 things I'm thankful for this Saturday.

1. Not a single piece of produce from the store. Thank you Julian apples, in-law's grove, and sister-in-law's garden.


2. After trying to get rid of a sinus infection on my own, I finally gave in after 12 days. My family is thanking the makers of the z pack. I may have been a little off my rocker when I wasn't feeling my best.


3. I've finally learned how to have self control with Halloween Candy. Buy everything that I don't like. I'm making room for all the kit-kats I'm going to borrow from my kids while they are sleeping on the 31st.


4. Our betas have been with us for almost 2 years even though Kevin lets the bowls get like this. Don't call PETA.


5. Catching my oldest napping in the sunlight like a stretched out cat.


Happy weekend to you!

Much love,

Go on over and visit Janna! You'll be glad that you did.


SoSoBella said...

I to have learned to buy candy I don't like. Easy, don't like it, won't ear it :)
Love the napping picture. We are nappers in our family :)
I hope you are feeling better :)

Karen said...

Wishing I was Luke right now, looks so comfy!

Genn said...

buy the halloween candy you dont like...
now why didnt i think of that?!
lol, probably because i wanted reeses pieces and almond joys! :)
cute post.

Janna said...

The last one is my favorite photo. Love those moments. And great idea on the Halloween candy :) You're link isn't showing up on my linkys though. Can you check it?

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

Glad you are feeling better!!!
I do the same candy that I don't like! Seems to work! ;)

Digger said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! Truly! This is a great post!

Digger ~xoxo~

Laurie J said...

haha, i do the same thing with sweets around here---buy the stuff i don't like so i won't eat it all myself! however, i'll be raiding my kiddos butterfingers. and reeces (can i raid 2 things?) :) happy weekend!

hannah singer said...

if i ever find a candy i don't like, i will employ this principle of yours. genius!! love your cat napper;) and hope you're feeling better! xo

likeschocolate said...

Last year I let my kids have a go at there candy for s day or two, and then bought it off of them. Then my husband have it away to his students. Saved my hips from additional pounds.

Susan said...

I love these!
I keep my halloween candy in the laundry room for easy access. ;)
PS - you're featured on the blog today...come have a peek.

Jami said...

awwwww, I love the napping picture! Hope you are feeling better ;)

Megan said...

Now I want to find some sunshine and take a nap! And clearly those betas thrive on algae!

Stephanie said...

My youngest had a beta fish that lived forever!! We should have named him Methuselah instead of Jonah! I definitely think a dirtily fish bowl is the secret to their longevity! lol

Leah said...

it seemed like you just blogged about getting those betas! two years ago already???? dang. where does time go?

Belinda - The Lattimore Acre said...

I did the same with halloween lollies..... none of my favorites but the children didn't complain!