Monday, October 17, 2011


We loaded up the minivan and headed to Brick or Treat at Legoland.


Although we have passes, this time was different.


It could have been the costumes.




Or the giving in to special treats.


Or the souvenirs that we always say "no" to.


Or perhaps it was the stroller.


We brought it along to hold the candy bags. We haven't used it for a kid for over a year.

But catching glimpses of Charlie in it reminded my how fast that time went and it made me pause.


As we walked out to the parking lot, I said to Kevin, "This is what it is all about. These days are hard, but man are we going to miss this time before we know it."


So we are drinking time in.




Much love,

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theolivetree said...


Amanda said...

Looks like your family had fun. Never been to Lego land we kinda live far away from it. Thank you for sharing your weekend.

Greta said...

I was just saying the same thing to Aaron while we were on vacation. It goes by fast and we have to stop and remember that.
I love the pic of the boys and Kev on the slide. :) So cute.
Love from,

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

I wanna do the slide!!! :)

Good reminder!

Erin said...

They dressed up after all...must have been the idea of candy right? Looks like you guys had a blast!

xo katrina said...

Looks like a super fun time. Gotta tell ya , I get a lil envious of your legoland posts! :) enjoy every moment, girl. That's all I ever try to do.........

Genn said...

Gulping it in.
Love that expression!
So true!
Someone just told me that Claire has no more baby look left in her and I nearly cried!!!
I am going to gulp it in too.

ps- bought some pumpkin ice cream at TJ's today! Can't wait to dive into it. :)

Susan said...

Those pictures on the slides with the ??? made me LOL!
Looks like such a great day.

Karen said...

I love it Katie! This is what it's all about :) Love the pic on the slide with the stranger kid!

Heart n Soul said...

Such a precious age ... it goes way too fast. ENJOY!!

Liz @ said...

okay, so i'm a teacher turned mommy, too. i also swore that i'd NEVER drive a mini... and now i'm a proud owner of a roomy, odyssey!! rock on, moms!!

i am diggin' your blog! your fam. is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write. Now I have said that to you at least ten times. :0)

Great pics. My kids would DIE over Legoland. Die.

Anonymous said...

Urrrrm...I just realized that last comment came out kind of creepy.

Flor said...

beautiful pictures of your boys! they look so cute in their costumes.. I've got to say, that picture of your big boy in that little stroller is classic! lol :) You are creating wonderful memories for yourself and for your kids <3

melissa said...

looks like you guys had a blast! love thier costumes. i think my kids are going to be snow white and dopey:)))

Jami said...

we have yet to go to Legoland. it looks so fun!
I love the ??? over the other kid, too funny!

Janna said...

You're so right! My baby turns 6 this week. Where has it gone?

Brooke said...

Oh yeah, I hear ya sister! It goes so, soooo fast. Love all the cuties in their costumes. Looks like a great time was had ;D

carissa said...

since you want to come to charleston, let's swap places! ; ) i'd be happy and home and you could discover the good ol' south. ha!

this looks like the BEST halloween fun ever!

Laurie J said...

what fun! drink it in.....i'm told these days go quickly as well :)

marie said...

great stuff.

laughing over the ??? kid! hilarious.

thanks for this.