Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a day in julian

Although heading to Julian for apple picking and pie eating is an annual tradition, there is nothing about it that doesn't excite me each year as I pencil in the the date on my calendar.

I grew up with a mom who enforced traditions in the same way that she enforced brushing our teeth.

Without a doubt, I want my boys to enjoy the feeling that comes with the anticipation and comfort of traditions. I hope traditions are part of the brick building that we are establishing for our boys. Each brick of childrearing is placed carefully with great intention. It is the hope that once each brick is mortared and set, that our boys will have a life that is protected, safe, and sturdy. The tradition brick is just one brick among a mass of others: faith, love, courage, laughter, kindness, service...each brick building who they are.

Our day in Julian with cousins was compiled into the tradition brick and the boys added one more memory making moment coin to their memory banks.

After picking apples, we headed to Julian. We cruised through the stores and had Mom's apple Pie.






We ended the day watching the sunset as we ate at the Red Barn Restaurant. Kevin and I finished our wine as the boys explored the rocks.



As the sun set, we exhaled the goodness of the day.


What are your favorite traditions during this time of the year?

Much love,

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Alyss said...

Cannot wait to go up to Julian again this year, too. And I'm all about traditions. Around this time, I fall in love with little traditions. Like drinking hot coffee at high school football games, or traveling to Idylwyld for some family and hiking. Mild hiking. :)

theolivetree said...

love apple picking! Looks like fun!! p.s those are my kind of band-aides :)

Karen said...

Julian and moms apple pies are the best! It's been way too long since we've been there.

Darlene said...

We've never done that. Although I've eaten plenty of apple pie in my life.

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

LOVE that sunset! :)
Glad you ALL got out for an enjoyable time together!

Mine would be ~ the church hayride & bonfire that we host at our farm each fall!

Amanda said...

Oh my, I went there 18 yrs ago when I lived in San Diego. I would love to take our kids! Look like you had a fab time! So glad I found your Blog on "Enough Faith For Today".

ℋeatherღ said...

I love this post and laughed at the part where you talk about your Mom enforcing traditions in the same way she enforced brushing your teeth...I feel like I have that tendency when it comes to family traditions as well. :)
The paragraph to follow is beautifully written and I love visualizing traditions as a building brick for a protected,safe, and sturdy life for e3ach of my boys...beautiful, just beautiful!

Heather said...

awww i love julian! i love seeing my hometown of SD through you, girl! xo

Janna said...

I wanna go there. WIll you email me any tips? My son's teacher recommended it, but I had never heard of it until then.

Susan said...

How fun does that day look? And ummm...how much do I want that pie?!

xo katrina said...

beautiful post, katie! traditions are so important and i love your analogy with the brick building. we truly are building these little people into who and what they will be. and you are doing an amazing job.

TDM Wendy said...

In our old house we had a ton of leaves in our front yard. We scooped them a big pile and then had a bunch of kids over for a leaf party where they would jump in them, throw them, etc. Gotta figure out how to recreate that now that we've moved...

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Since we live in an area surrounded by farms, there are apple orchards everywhere here. Theres nothin like a day at the apple orchard:)
And I need some 'o that Choc-Aid. Stat. Ive never seen it but I already know I NEED it!Hahaha:)

Jamie said...

I LOVE Julian and grew up very close to there! Yet, I still have never gone apple picking and am dying to! I loved reading why you want to instill those traditions, and for me-we never had any traditions round this time of year. For my family, I want those traditions so that we are a strong unit and so that my children can look back on those memories we shared together.

Angel Haynes said...

I so love our family traditions! My kids have grown to love them, too. Before we trick or treat, we eat nachos. On the the 3rd weekend in Oct, my son and husband go camping in the mountains with friends, and my 3 daughters and I sleep in on Saturday then make pancakes, have hot chocolate and watch Elf. These are just a couple of cheesy examples, but I do love them! Love your post and your photos!

hannah singer said...

what an awesome tradition! looks like we need an autumn visit to california next year;)

Anonymous said...

To be honest, we don't have many traditions aside from the holidays. My family wasn't big on traditions, I guess, and neither was hubs'. I'm gonna have to think on it and start some of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!