Monday, October 3, 2011

google eye pumpkins

There is something about the turn of seasons that makes my heart go pitter patter.

Perhaps it is the ability to wear jeans without sweating or feeling the air blowing cooler breaths through our windows as we unwind after the kids have gone to sleep.

When the shift from summer to fall occurs, I am more motivated to get my craft on.

It is like someone flicked on the switch to my craft fusebox.

After our search for the most unique pumpkins, we arrived home and made google eyes pumpkins with candy corn votives for our dining room center piece.


The glass stand is from Crate and Barrel and usually houses 3 potted succulents since they are the only plants that I manage NOT to kill.

I bought the google eyes, candles, and glass votive holders at the Dollar Tree. If anything ever happens to my husband, I am going to marry the Dollar Tree--not that I want anything to happen to my husband, though.


I put a dab of hot glue on the pumpkin and each boy placed the eyes on their own pumpkin.


This craft was as easy as pie.

Speaking of pie, we went apple picking in Julian. There's going to be some serious baking going on in this casa.

What about you? Has Fall set in for you yet? What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Much love,


Jessica said...

I love the google eyes on the pumpkins! What a cute idea! I also love the new header! (or it might not be so reader...)

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

Fall is in full blaZe around here! Love it!
The pumpkins are cute, but I'm still thinking about your guest post at Kim's.......


{cuppakim} said...

I think I am totally like you with the fall craftiness! I have been itching ALL weekend to get my craft on. I have 3-4 ready to go - but my house has been a DISASTER (like can hardly pour a bowl of cereal in the kitchen and have to clear space off my bed to sleep disaster) and I just can't craft until things get straightened up. The good news is, I'm sitting down with cereal for dinner, crock pot going, and a clean kitchen! So craftiness is coming up SOON!

Love your google eyes, and yeah the Dollar Tree can be the BEST for crafting materials :)

Erin said...

Love the googly eyes- bizarre and genius! We went to Raven Hill today- thanks for the recommendation. We had a great time. And if the girls stop eating the apples for 5 minutes, maybe I'll get to bake some apple yuminess too!

Karen said...

I always anxiously await your festive centerpiece creations! And then I copy them, every season. Hope you don't mind. I always give you credit though :) I'll be at the dollar tree tomorrow getting my supplies :)

The Mama Monster said...

I love these google eye pumpkins!!!! Sooo cute!

Amy said...

Haha...the google eye pumpkins are too funny! I'd love for you to link up here at my kids' craft challenge:

Betsi* said...

Love the pumpkins! What a perfect kid friendly craft. My favorite thing about fall is our brand new pumpkin baby! Now we both have Lukes!

Nicky said...

my son is obsessed with googly eyes... this would be the perfect project for him. Thanks! ... so fun.

Gina said...

My kids would love these...they are begging to decorate pumpkins! And I'm there with you on the craftiness, it seems like fall changes things for me and I really want to craft and create!

Amy said...

I featured these pumpkins on the One Artsy Mama facebook page today! Feel free to stop by the blog and grab a featured button from the sidebar. :)