Friday, September 2, 2011

heck yeah

There are times when you have to sweep your well laid plans under the rug.

A whim comes banging on your door, you open it and say, "heck yeah."

When the school year routine is set and the robotic motions of eat, get dressed, grab backpacks, drop off kids, go the gym, run errands, pick up kids, drive to after school activities, cook dinner, bathe, and put wiped out children to bed becomes the daily norm, I feel settled.

Routine and predictability are my match made in heaven.

Yet at the same time it stirs a sense of restlessness in my soul. This is new for me. Perhaps it is because the boys are getting easier. I no longer face days of diapers, nap schedules, and midnight feedings.We cruise more seamlessly together as each boy reaches new heights of maturity and independence.It makes me crave the time when they were babies, but it also gives me a sense of ease.

When I hopped on the factory assembly line of do this, do that, this morning, there was something stirring in me that today was a "heck yeah" day.

When those days visit this neck of the woods, I seize the moment and roll with it.

Since Jack (3) doesn't have morning preschool on Fridays, he was on the conveyer belt with me. After we hit the gym and ran some errands, I considered two things.

1. I could finish my lingering weekly to-do list.


2. I could jump off the revolving belt and declare it a "heck yeah" day. I gleefully choose "heck yeah" and told Jack that we were about to have a surprise Mommy and Jack day. He didn't know where we going until he saw this.


We're regulars here.Photobucket

I know we are blessed to live in So. Cal in the land of bountiful amusement parks.

I had a moment of insecurity and asked myself if I should cruise around an amusement park in capri work out pants, but the answer was easy....


"Heck yeah".

But this time it was all about him, which is a rarity since he's the baby of the family. He lead the way, with no distractions of brothers wanting to attend to their own ride agenda.


As we strolled hand in hand, we chatted about what's relevant in his life, free of brothers correcting his grammar or arguing with him on the validity of his 3 year old perspective.


We welcomed the greesy cheeseburger and french fry combo in place of our regular home packed turkey sandwich and fruit combo. You roll with it on "heck yeah" days. It felt like we were breaking the rules and it felt good.When Jack asked me if he could have a churro, I boldly exclaimed, "heck yeah, if you share it me!"


Once again, the rule breaking furthered my belief that moms need more "heck yeah" days in their lives.


We embraced our day. When I hear the door knocking again, I'll be anxiously waiting to respond "heck yeah" again.

Much love,
*I apologize for the phone pics. "Heck yeah" days don't plan ahead for the fancy camera.
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Karrie said...

This post makes me smile!! What a fun day and the "unexpected" part makes it even better!

kinze said...

so fun ... looks like you all had a blast!

Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

What a great day!!! That's awesome!

Mrs. T said...

That is so fun and so sweet! You're a great mom. :)

Karen said...

Heck yeah! Good for you guys!

Heather said...

I love this! I am a planner and like routine, too, so I completely relate to how you feel when things go out-of-schedule... but there is something so fun and exciting at the same time about going with the flow and being spontaneous, isn't there? :) I love that you got to spend some special time w/ your baby. Have a great weekend! xo

Heart n Soul said...

Love how you embraced your day .... lovely :)

april@gingerbread said...

awww those are my favorite are an amazing mother!

Nessa said...

heck yeah! I need to say that more often too!

Flor said...

oh, I just loved your post! I need to do that more often.. and while I love having a routine it's also nice to get out of the routine once in a while. I love that you just spontaneously decided to go to Legoland..workout clothes and all. That last picture is precious.

Erin said...

How fun! A day like that is a day Jack will remember forever. It is so much more important to show him you love him and spend that special time together than to accomplish a long "to do" list. Life needs more spontaneity!

xo katrina said...

i'll say it with you loud and proud...HECK YEAH! legoland is our ultimate fave, my boys never liked anything disney or disneyland, but they would give their right arms to be able to go to legoland whenever they wanted. SOOOOOOOOOO JELLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! i bet jack had the time of his life.