Monday, September 5, 2011

randoms and a recommendation

I'll be honest. This post is really about nothing.

Just a few randoms.

And well, I also have an awesome blog that I want to share with you.

First the randoms...

1. I don't edit my posts. I write them super late at night. I reread them once. The problem is that I reread them as they sound in my head. Therefore, I completely miss all my mistakes. I was a teacher. I tell myself that proof reading should be a priority, blah, blah, blah. Sorry.

2. I often wonder if friends who visit my blog would rather me email a response to their comment, leave a comment on their latest post, or both. What are you thoughts on this?

3. My elbow has an infection. Weird and gross. TMI? Sorry.

4. We took the Wii away from the boys today. They were fighting over it too much. I screamed. They screamed. It wasn't pretty, friends.

Luke made this as his plea.


I never wanted it in the 1st place, but then Kevin won it at a work event. It will come back eventually. We had very strict rules about time limits with it so it is not a total enemy. Actually, there are times when it saves me.

5. I'm growing out my pixie cut and it is starting to look like a mullet.


I'm trying the whole Meg Ryan messy bed head look, but clearly it's not working for me. Def time for cut. Pronto. Oh, it it has been brown again for 2 months, too. Time for a new profile pic on the blog, you think?

Now the blog recommendation. Check out sweet Melissa. She is a hilarious mama of one sweetie pie. I crack up every time I read her posts. I can't think of a better way to start my mornings, than with a chuckle to go along with my hot cup of happy.

Much love,



Marie said...

Too funny about the wii! my boys are not alone! i didn't want ours either, but the in-laws bought it as a "surprise" christmas gift after my hubby and i said no 2 years running:)they make lego pleas and manga drawing ones too...

your hair is cute!

sorry about your elbow:(

thanks for the blog recommendation!

heartland farmhouse said...

Sorry about your elbow!
And I like the brown!
As far as your question about the responses go...really I'm just curious what everyone else says! :)
I can tell you this...I for one blog to get to know other christian/gals/moms 'cause I work in a world of all men & short people! ;)
So, I like to talk to ya' & get to know ya'...which ever way it be! :)
Also my mind auto-corrects when I proof read's SAD it really is!
Have a Happy Tuesday!

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

i think your hair looks soooo cute! i like the brown color. the plea is hilarious!!!!!! hope your elbow starts to feel better!


Heather from said...

Look at you with that brown hair! You're always so cute Katie, like really.
Hate that your elbow is infected....
Love ya! :)

The Mama Monster said...

Ok we have had a wii since they came out (really for Paul and myself) and the kids have never played it... I am afraid to even show it to them. Oh and Paul and I have never really played it either.

Love the plea! Super creative!

Will def check out Melissa's blog! Thank you for the recommendation!

Maureen Polderman said...

Two things:
1.I heart Meg if your hair looks like hers, I'm jealous =)
2. I heart comments ;) So I think leaving one is fun to do!!
Have a happy Tuesday Katie!!

hannah singer said...

sorry your elbow is sick! hope it's infection free asap
you. are. hilarious.
i love your hair! xo

Anonymous said...

You're rockin the messy look! :0) Go with it.

Elbow infection? Ouch and I'm sorry!

As for the comment responses, I wonder the same thing myself. Tell me if you figure out the answer to that one! ;0)

likeschocolate said...

I do the same thing with my blog post, and I must sound like a total hick to people because I find so many mistakes. I wish we could put the xbox away, but if we did then we would never see our children because they would go to friends to play. I would rather them play at our house. I like when people respond on my blog, but an e-mail is better than nothing. Sorry you have an infection on your elbow. :(

Laurie J said...

hey--i like the hair :) and an elbow infection?! ouch. hope it heals quickly! that lego plea is kinda hilarious (when you're not the mom, of course) ;)

Amanda said...

Omg you ate constant random...I love it! Just happened across your blog and so glad I did!

lauren said...

that lego plea is the best. sarah @clover lane saved me from ever purchasing one much to the despair of the longing looks from my husband. ;) she said -- the kids friends will have one anyway.. let THEIR parents worry about the fighting and the time limits. ;) oh and messy hair looks awesome. my hair doesn't really do messy -- just flat and stringy. blech. :)

xo katrina said...

this post had me giggling the whole way through. luke is so creative with his can you turn that down? haha. sorry to hear about your infection. lol i...umm...hope it gets better soon?

redheadreverie said...

I love the plea in LEGOS priceless...With two boys I know this will be me someday. They are already fighting over light sabers.

I think your hair looks cute, but I have short hair like that too, and I get what you mean about the mullet. But trust me it doesn't look like that to other people.

Have a great week!

Brooke said...

I love the Lego plea! That cracked me up. We have a wii and it rarely even gets used....maybe in the winter time. They don't play with the DS either. The iPad seems to be the hot commodity for everyone... Including Mom! Lol.

Heather said...

I giggled through this whole post. I almost felt like we were just chatting over coffee. Love that about it! I love your son's plea ;) BWAHAAHAHAHA!
And I love your hair... it's SO cute! xo

kinze said...

love all of this ... and i think whatever you feel like in responding back to your comments a lot of times i head over to the persons blog before responding unless of course i want to say something more personal! and i feel your pain with the whole mullet thing ... i feel like i had one for a year straight! and all your other randoms made me chuckle fun post!

Jessica Johnson said...

random posts are my favorite. and so are recommendations. so thank you. and i think your pixie mullet is cute. ;)

TDM Wendy said...

Is it wrong that I want to see a pic of your elbow crud? No, it's not. Please post one. (Came over here from Jessica Johnson's blog)

Kelly said...

whatever you look great with meg ryan messy bed head hair. it's not a mullet. ha!

Mrs. T said...

I think your "mullet" looks fine. Wish I looked that good in short hair!!

oomph. said...

i think i over-read my posts that i tend to miss the mistakes, lol! the wii is trouble, i tell you!! it is the cause of many battles between my minis!

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Susan said...

Good for you for just going with it...I read and re-read my posts WAY too much.
I love when you comment back to me via email about my comment (?!)
And the Wii...oh, the wii. Don't even get me started. We won ours too! And often wish we hadn't.

Thanks for your kind words earlier.

Michele said...

Laughing at you calling your haircut a mullet. Let me assure you that it is not. I live in rural Texas and I see mullets on an almost daily basis. Your good. The Wii plea in Lego is awesome. Very creative :) Thanks for the good laugh, I needed it. Your randomness always makes me smile!

Michele said...

speaking of proof reading...You're good, not your good. I'm a teacher, I should catch these things. Oh, well!

Michele said...

While I'm at it, why do I catch the errors after they are published? Just wondering ;)

jules ... said...

Thanks for being so random and honest, love it! And I love the meg ryan messy hair look. If it means that you don't have to do much to it and still look that good, then you've already got something more than the rest of us with frizzy or unmanageable hair. nice to meet ya!

Anonymous said...

i completely feel the same way about the comment thing/email thing. i never know what to do! lately i've been failing at responding at all :( i think i like the idea of just going to the person's blog and commenting on their post. everyone loves comments :) and then, if i get a comment that means a lot to me, i can just email them directly. probably wasn't necessary to give you my new plan of action, but oops...i just did. haha oh well!

and i like your hair! super cute! i'm recovering from 2 REALLY bad haircuts (friends in hair school...never a good idea haha). good thing is i can still put it up. i can't wait until i can start wearing it down again!

happy friday friend!!

Flor said...

I dont think it looks like a mullet at all!
and don't even get me started about the WII - my little boy loves it more then he loves his sisters (well, he acts like it).. grrr. I don't understand how boys can get so attached to these video games.
as far as the comments.. I seriosly have no idea. I always try to respond to the email and visit the persons blog.
And I also write my posts late at night and they take me for-EVAH! So by the time I'm done the last thing i want to do is proofread (and I force myself to do it).
And lets not count the number of grammatical errors I made in this one post ok? :)