Friday, September 16, 2011

randoms and losing it

When you have school, karate, and Back to School Night on the hub's birthday, something has to give.

Like homemade decorations.





You like my 1st attempt at making a banner?

I'm not crafty, peeps.We went ghetto banner style, yo. Construction paper, stickers, and dot art paint.

You may especially swoon over my method of keeping it attached to the wall.


Sorry, but I won't be doing a give away with my banners or opening an etsy shop anytime soon. I have to hoard my crazy talent to myself.

It's all good. The kids had fun and Kev had a lil' surprise when he walked in the door after a stressful day at work.

And to top my Martha abilities, we made brownies from a box.The rainbow candies had my kids at hello.I kinda thought they were pretty too and the fact that they were on sale made them a done deal.



Luke is suddenly self conscious about what he's wearing now that he's in 3rd grade. My kiddo with asperger's is suddenly aware of what is socially cool. It's good and bad. I found the purple VANS shirt hidden in his closet. He told me boys at his school don't wear purple.


The next day, I had my 1st day of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting. I am a table leader and thought I should look somewhat pulled together when I met my new table friends.I even pulled out the flat iron for my mullet that still has not been cut. I am thinking that I can almost pull off a bob by now.


As I was doing my hair I noticed this on my hair dryer.


That can't be safe, right???

So I was feeling it since I was actually dressed, had my hair done and make-up on my sleep deprived face.I thought, "this day is going to rock."

It started out with a bang and then slowly unraveled.

This kid.


He almost pulled an entire bookcase down on himself at the book fair.I left a sweaty, flustered mess.

Later, as I was in the kitchen, Charlie ran in and told me that Jack broke this in the backyard. Remember when it looked cute after the boys' bedroom make-over.

Well, it is no longer.


He is trouble. I love him to pieces, but I should have named him Trouble.

To top off my losing it state of mind. I threw away the water table, toy tub, and all the little water toys in the backyard.


I declared it a trampoline area only. The water has been a major source of trouble all summer and somehow the shattered mason jar, put me over the edge. Do not fear, I will replace the table and water toys (maybe) once Jack learns that emerging himself in the toy bucket filled with water right before soccer practice or turning the hose on and spraying water through our screens into the house does not make for a happy mama.

Oh, and this may be an issue I need to deal with.


So there you have it. I'm a freak. I have my limits. They have been reached. I am officially losing it.
And I'm completely okay with it because I know today is a new day.

Much love,



Betsi* said...

Its 8:34 am and I've already cried out of frustration with my 3 lil men today. Twice. After I drop the two older boys off at school and plunk the diseased small one in front of the tv I'm having like a two hour quiet time and see if I can't fix this day.
Or maybe a two hour bath...

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

1- I have totally rocked the mullet bob as well. It's awesome.
2- I also use tape to hold my banner up!
3-My bed has had "clean" clothes on it for a few days, just finished folding them.

Ha, have a good weekend!

AMedina said...

I had an out-of-control day yesterday, too. So after work I decided to plop the boys in front of the TV(a no-no during the school week. They were thrilled and glued.) and proceeded to thoroughly clean my room from top to bottom, fold a weeks worth of laundry, sweep and mop the floors (I could have knitted a sweater with the dog hair)and sift through the piles on the kitchen counter. I was the one thing I could control. I felt much better about my day:-)

Karen said...

*Your banner rocked! It is very similar to our construction paper leaves that I use scotch tape and put up everywhere. {I like to make my house look kid friendly and let other women feel better about their homes}
*I'm so bummed that I missed your adorable outfit yesterday!
*I too have chucked so many things out of complete frustration but it feels so good and I really don't think I have ever regretted it.
*Do you want to come see the dirt on my floors and the clean clothes on top of the dirt so you'll feel better? I'm serious. Its that bad over here right now. I have to use a shovel to clean today.

Catie said...

This post made me laugh so much, I think when chaos hits the house, you just have to laugh to keep from crying :) Thanks for sharing your crazy day

Marie said...

sweet katie! you are in the throws of motherhood! and you are doing awesome:)

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh out loud AND want to hug you because I KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT...COMPLETELY! Being a mama makes ya crazy sometimes! You are hilarious and awesome and HOT so keep on being just who you are mama! <3

Laurie J said...

awww, sweet blog friend. i can SOOOOOOOOOO relate. don't you just love MOPS?! our first mtg was wed, too. happy wkend to you!

Heather said...

I love your transparency! You're a rockstar mom! xo

{cuppakim} said...

i am loving your mullet bob! i didnt realize your hair has gotten so long - good thing you posted this or i wouldn't recognize you next week. :)

i think the birthday decor is just fabulous.

and i should show you a pic of my fire hazard of blowdryer. getting a new one is on my list....sorta. :)

{nikki} said...

Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your "real" life. Not the one that you staged for photos, or had a "killer hair day" for, but the nitty-gritty parts of Real Life. P.S. Your boiling point is set a lot higher than mine!!

theolivetree said...

haha :) First I love your hair! @nd you should meet my sister she has 3 a dull moment in her house...She will drop her middle child ( who also should have been named trouble) with me from time to time just get a break :)

Susan said...

If it is any consolation WHATSOVER, you look stunning. Seriously amazing.
I can so relate to this post.

Kristy said...

LOVE this post!! Totally sounds like my life!! Yesterday, I was cleaning the sticky, icky stains off my car seats, while sitting in the pick-up line at school. Then ran in the house, just to run right back out trying to not be too late for flag football practice!! It's all about multitasking!! ;0)

likeschocolate said...

I have 3 boys who I should have named trouble. I feel for you. Hope next week brings calmer days. I think your banner rocks!

Brooke said...

You are NOT a freak, you are a normal Momma... of boys... three of them. WOW, you have got it pretty darn together if you ask me! ;D

Erin said...

Sorry you had a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. Some days are like that...even in Australia.

Kelly said...

you've had one of those weeks too!?!? being the mom of boys is seriously enough to make any momma lose it. i think my body tries to over compensate it's self with estrogen because of all the testosterone that floats around this place. which in turn makes for one crazed lady.
uh 1 ticket to crazytown please.
i'm kidding (sort of) thank God for his Mercy and Grace.
you are doing a fantastic J.O.B. friend don't get down. cause your are right each day is a fresh start.

Rachael said...

trust me. it's not a mullet. I have had one!

hannah singer said...

katie. i love you to the moon, girl.
and your hair is cute!
the throw away frenzy...i hit that at least once a week.
elijah is c r a z y and sometimes it is the only answer for peace lol!
you are a total champion, the decorations are perfect. and sometimes rest is way better on a couch.

i cannot wait to hug you!!! xo

Adrian said...

I love the banner, I love your outfit and I love how you keep it real. You really make me feel like I'm not alone. Thanks...seriously.

Mrs. T said...

Love your outfit!! And your house is so cute!

Flor said...

Oh katie, I couldn't help but laugh .. like in the "oh, I am SO glad I'm not the only one ready to flip out on my kids" kind of laugh... I was so upset at my youngest today that I had to call my sister to talk me out of my funk.
You, friend, look amazing in that outfit (love love those boots) :)