Sunday, December 4, 2011

arrr...a pirate party

I used to choose my kids' birthday themes. I loved taking the reins. But as our family expanded, my energy and need to control such things deflated.

I now ask them what kind of party they are craving and go for it.

As Jack and I were in cruising through Party City one day, he said, "Mama, I want a Pirates of the Caribbean Party."

I paused.

He's never seen the movie, he is way to young to remember going on the ride. But, he's seen Luke's books and LEGO sets.

So POTC (Pirates of the Caribbean) it was.

I've simplified my party planning. It does not come even close to Martha's style or Pinterest. However, it fits my kids' style.

Happy kids=Happy Mom. It works the other way around, too.

We had all that we needed to keep a group of boys and one sweet girl cousin content.

-Open space and sunshine while playing with dear friends and family.


-Pizza, breadsticks, and fruit.


-A homemade treasure map cake. Props to Kevin for executing the design.


-And a treasure hunt.


They had to decode pirate-ese and find the treasure chest stuffed with chocolate coins, which was hidden by the balloons.


The kids left happy. We kept it short and sweet. There were no tears, no overly sugared kids, and no pushing them beyond their limits.

It was just right for birthday guy, Jack.


He rocked his 4th birthday.


Much love,


Kelly said...

katie it looks perfect.
great job!

Nancy said...

Katie... that is perfect. We sometimes get too caught up in making it over the top. YOurs looked perfect, and it looks like you kept your sanity. Yay for you!

Jessi @ this camera tells my story said...

How fun! Pirate parties are so perfect for boys. And they've become so popular. My baby boy's nursey theme is pirates/nautical. I just love it!

That cake is pretty awesome!

Brooke said...

What a blast! You are one awesome party planner Lady!

Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

how fun, love the treasure hunt idea!!! i let my oldest choose too. when he turned 4 he had a toy story birthday. :)

theolivetree said...

turned out fantastic!! I might have to steal your idea for Jude's Birthday!

Jessica said...

That is definitely one of the most awesome cakes ever. And I especially like happy kids=happy mom and the reverse. You speak true wisdom.

Adrian said...

Very cute party and that cake is amazing! You guys really make the best cakes. I might just need to hire you one of these days. :)

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

Awesome cake!!!!! and weather!!! ha

Susan said...

Such a great idea - the cake is amazing. And I love the treasure hunt.
My son's fave bd party is still his HOP party (9th I think) where we did a simple easter egg hunt. The boys went crazy!
Happy 4th to your little cutie-pie! xo

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that cake looks SO SO SO much like the one I made for my daughter's 5th. I will have to email you a pic. Yours is way better though...mine is like a ghetto version of that. lol