Thursday, December 15, 2011

ugly christmas sweater party 2011

We host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party every year.

Santa is da man.


Santa listens to each child share one kind action they did this year and one toy they'd like for Christmas.




After, Santa hands them a candy cane with the Candy Cane Story attached. Have you heard it before? It is a great way to remind the kids that although we dig Santa, toys, and candy canes; the true meaning of Christmas is about the birth of Jesus.

We have a Christmas ornament and bow hunt.


The kids do crafts and decorate cupcakes.


The grown-ups catch up with each other and compete for Best Dressed.


You can't tell but, she had a bun with a bird in her hair. He has on a women's sweater.

Our friends don't mess around. The competition is fierce.

The kids cheer when they open their new ornaments during the ornament exchange.


It is just one more tradition we look forward to each year. It's one of my favorites that we do. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Merry Christmas!

Much love,

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theolivetree said...

love this! I love the idea of a bulb cute! We host Christmas eve every year and I have always wanted to have an ugly Christmas Sweater party, except there is a sweet lady who is like family that comes every year and she actually wears we have been to afraid to hurt her

Susan said...

How fun!

Laurie J said...

LOL, we went to an UCS party this weekend, too. sure would love you to blog a pic of yourself ;) !!!

Kim @ Miracle-Round said...

So fun! Love the ornament hunt. What a great idea!
My husband has an ugly Christmas sweater competition today at work. We spent the weekend ugly-fying a sweater for him. I hope he wins!

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

I love it! And I've never heard of having a ornament and bow hunt...such a great idea. And that is a good looking Santa too.;)

Kim said...

What fun party ideas. I love the ugly sweater idea, and the ornament exchange. I would love to do this next year.
And, thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment today:)

Greta said...

Oh my gosh, how fun!
And that's Lindsey formerly Drummond!
Hello small world, I mean Fallbrook. :)
You guys are the hosts with the mosts.
Seriously, how many parties do you do a year?
You rock!
Love from,

hannah singer said...

wow, Katie! fun city! loving the hunt idea. i'll modify it to indoors here though;)

love you!

Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

this looks like sooo much fun!! i have never been to an ugly sweater party, but always see pictures of people at them! too fun! :)

Genn said...

I've never been to an ugly sweater party but i really really want to!
sounds like a fun tradition.

Vivian said...

You are right! That Santa does LOOKS like a SANTA! The ugly sweaters? I don't know if I would ever dare...but if it means competition: bring it on! :)

likeschocolate said...

I think that is a fun tradition. Loved your post about your date night with your little one.