Monday, August 8, 2011

dare to follow your heart

Kev and I just got back from Las Vegas. I'm beat. My eyes are blurry, yet I feel refreshed.

I'm not a club going girl.

Or a gambler. I'm far too practical.

But this girlie likes to sit by the pool, read PEOPLE magazine, and sip a cool, refreshing mojito with my hubby by my side.

I missed my boys, but I need that time to recharge every once in a while.

I didn't bring my camera.

Or check blogs.

I checked out of it all.

Which leads to this next part. When is it that we check out of what we are passionate about before wiping bottoms, staying up nursing colicky babies, and wiping sweat off our foreheads as we put a defiant toddler in time out for the hundredth time?

My blog friend, who will become a real life, in person friend this week when we meet for lunch, has started painting after putting it aside for a bit.

She's a mom of one super cute dude. She's busy. I get it. But, she has had painting on her heart. Without letting doubt or excuses interrupting her path, she forged ahead and followed her heart.

Please check out her work HERE:

This is not a give away. She doesn't even know that I'm writing this. I was just looking at her amazing work and had the desire to share. And so following Alyss' lead, I followed my heart and here we are.

Go say "hey there girl" to Alyss and let her know that you think her art rocks. It does. Pinky swear.

And then sit quietly for a moment and ask yourself what is on your heart. Are you willing to follow it?

Much love,


heartland farmhouse said...

Glad you were able to catch some rays with your sunshine! ;) That is SO important!
I have recently picked up photography after putting it on the back burner for awhile. AND I've discovered this new passion called 'blogging.' The 2 seem to go quite nicely with one another!!!


hannah singer said...

good for y'all! (missed you though!)
and alyss. oh her work is just FABULOUS.
thanks for the challenge.

Laurie J said...

ahhh, getaways are the best! hope you feel as refreshed as you sound ;) I don't know what I've had to put on hold, but God and I are having some serious chats about the fall and what He has for me. i'm going to go check out alyss' work....
happy tues to you!

Annika said...

Wow. Her paintings do rock! And her shop is now one of my favourites! Thanks for sharing!

Heather from said...

So glad that you guys' were able to get glad that you are back too! :) Love this encouraging post.

Nancy said...

I am like you. Not a "Vegas girl" but just the idea of getting away is dreamy. That is awesome you get meet with Alyss. Her art is amazing. Love it. I just got a ticket to Blog Sugar. So, I am officially in. Can't wait to meet you in real life. xoxo

Anonymous said...

this is just lovely :) first, i love those moments of sitting and relaxing, getting away from the busyness of the world for just a bit. second, i love your encouraging words for alyss! i just discovered her paintings this past week. love love them! third, thanks for challenging us. i really need to be praying about this for my life as i'm in a season of uncertainty...not really sure where to go next. thanks for sharing your heart :)

Alyss said...

Katie! How sweet are you? Wow. I'm feeling so encouraged. Thank you friend! Cannot wait to meet with you!

theolivetree said...

Love Alyss and her work! Great post! I am not sure what i would have "checked out " of pre-kids...pre-kids I had all the time in the world and didn't need a

{cuppakim} said...

totally didn't check in the blogs over the weekend either (also poolside!)

so much to catch up on ahaha.

thanks for sharing that link - her stuff is so adorable! LOVE it.

kinze said...

my hubby and are are planning a getaway real soon ... can't wait!

Jami said...

a) love Alyss and her work, I already bought one!
b) I'm jealous that you get to meet!
c)such a sweet post Katie, thanks for encouraging our friend!

love you!

Kelly said...

Katie you are such a blessing! Alyss' work is amazing.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

AW! Sounds like a great get-away time to relax and refresh :o) I am heading over to check out Alyss, her blog and her art. Thank you for sharing!

My heart's desire is to one day be a stay-at-home grandma :o) ...of course, that would be when we do have grandbabies to cuddle and love...and I also hope to at least live in the same state as our kids! But as a stay at home grandma, I would love to sew, smock, craft, quilt, draw, bake, travel, organize our ba-zillion family photos! :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
Thank you so much for stopping by! And I appreciate your kind comment. Please do come by again...any time!