Friday, August 12, 2011

it's a God thing-meeting alyss

My initial reasons for beginning my blog were simple. One, I wanted to start documenting our family life in words and pictures and two, I strongly desired to connect with others on this fun, sweet, and sometimes challenging journey of parenthood.

Little did I know at the time, that I would develop friendships through this blogging hobby.

Not just blogging buds, but real, true friends.

I've connected with moms who I have not met in person, but who pray for me, encourage me, and share their life experiences with me. We are similar in so many ways and I consider it a God thing that I'm able to know these beautiful moms through blogging.

For example, when Alyss from Roots and I started visiting each other's blogs, we soon discovered some super cool facts:

1. We are both the queen of the household in our homes. She has one son, Jude (1).


And I have my 3 rascals, Luke (8), Charlie (5), and Jack (3).

2. We both have teaching credentials.
3. Her grandpa lives minutes from my house.
4. We grew up within 30 minutes from each other.
5. We both attended Christian colleges. She actually got her credential from the university where I did my undergraduate studies.
6. We both consider ourselves awkward in new social settings.

After emailing back and forth, we decided to get our boys together for a fun day at the park. There are a few things I learned about Alyss during our time together as we chatting effortlessly and watched our boys play on the park equipment.

1. She is as cute, funny, and loving to her sweet little guy as you've seen on her blog.
2. She is not at all socially awkward.
3. She makes you feel like you've been friends for a lifetime.
4. She and her Jude are sooo easy going. He's such a mellow lil' dude. I never got one of those!

Alyss is an awesome mama, wifey to her hubs, blogger, and FRIEND. Plus, she put up with me running off for a kid poop break mid-conversation, chuckled at my 3 year old who turns every object into a gun, and didn't judge me when I bribed my kids with fudgesicles in exchange for a group pic. Look, I succumb to desperation at times, friends.




She's my kind of friend. Now make her your's too! Go check out her blog if you have not had a chance to yet.

Much love,

Now it's your turn to share your God thing. Is it a story, a verse, a photo, or a special moment this week? Link up any time this weekend and come back to leave comments for those who share. Also, let your readers know you're here so they can be encouraged by the other posts!


tracy said...

what a great story and that's so funny that you and alyss shared so many things in common! some things are truly meant to be!!

{cuppakim} said...

bloggy meet ups are so FUN :)

this one looks like a total success.

and i love the bribery. hahah. totally worth it. cute shots!

missmehoneybee said...

So cool!

Heather from said...

So awesome that you guys' got to actually meet. Luv'n all of your photos...:)

kinze said...

love this ... i feel the same way ... blogging has blessed me beyond imaginable ... crazy how God can even use blogging as a tool to bless you as well as others!

Karrie said...

How fun!

Adrian said...

I love that the two of you got to meet up and enjoy time together with your boys. It looks like you had a very fun day!

Michele said...

Awesome! I love blog friends. It's so cool that you have so much in common and could meet up. How fun! I'm heading over there to check out her blog :)

Ashley said...

thats so cool! its amazing how God will use such different ways to connect His children.


moreygirl said...

That's so great that you two could meet! You're boys look like a lot of fun! A little fun tidbit for you: Kinze from Schilling times over on your sidebar is my sister in law:)

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

What college did you go to????

hannah singer said...

BEAUTIFUL! two of the sweetest bloggers, meeting and having a blast. perfection.
love all the cute photos!!

theolivetree said...

love Alyss & you! looks like a fun day! p.s. you glitter comment made me laugh!! After Christmas we are cleaning glitter up until summer gets everywhere!

Susan said...

What a great story! So fun.

Kristy said...

LOVE this story!! So sweet!! And LOVE the idea for this link up party!! I'll have to link up next time!!

heartland farmhouse said...

Blogging is SO awesome!!! And it's only just begun for me. Heavens getting BIGGER. And Heavens getting BIGGER by the minute! Love it! Glad you got a mommy date! ;)


Alyss said...

Ok... just now catching up on my fave blogs (vacation will do that to you). Love you! It was so great getting to meet you in person! This post actually got me all teary-eyed. You are so sweet to me.

And I was taking notes about the fudgesiscle bribery, girl. You know it. Can't wait to get together again!