Thursday, August 18, 2011

dog days of summer

There is something about summer days. Just as spring starts to feel long and I begin to crave unstructured days to do as we please without a lunch to pack or backpack to check, summer knocks on our door.

Summer is full of those moments that remind of you of that something.

It's the seeking of cool refuge from the heat.


The freedom to do nothing. at. all.

It's the time to hang in swim trunks all day long.



And to smile when you catch a glimpse of them while they dry because they signify a day of pure fun.


It's the exploration though the grove to find ripe peaches and oranges.



And filling the basket to the brim.



Just like the fruit baskets weighed with sweet, fragrant fruit, so is my heart filled to the brim with the sweet, fragrant memories Summer has filled us with.

Much love,

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hannah singer said...

truth! hooray for being in swimmies all day!
i love your grateful heart.
and that fruit looks yummy!!

Heather from said...

This post made me smile and exhale...and our pics are great.:)

Jill said...

Loving these summer days! Fruit looks so yummy :)

Marie said...

nicely said:)

i love that good time summer exhaustion!

Melissa said...

I loooove the picture of the swim gear hanging on the stairs! Perfect end to a summer day:)

Ashley said...

ahhhh i felt so relaxed when i read your post... i'm at work and everything around me is gray BUT i lived through your post for a second and could taste the peaches ;) lol. thanks for sharing!!!


Laurie J said...

those peaches look delish! and my boys love those 'max liquidators' fun. ahh, the summer days!!

theolivetree said...

summer is the best!!

{cuppakim} said...

oh man. this post just oozes summer.

so fun.

when we are in the dreary winter months, link us back to this one, okay? :)

Jami said...

I'm laughing because my chocolate lab is laying right next to me. Looks exactly like your puppy! So cute!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Great photos! A perfect representation of summer time fun!

Michelle said...

That fruit looks amazing, I could almost smell the sweet oranges through the computer.

Denise said...

oh, i'm going to miss the "freedom to do nothing. at. all."

heartland farmhouse said...

Great pic's! I especially like the one of all the little clothes drying on the rail :)

Jessica Johnson said...

those peaches look DELISH. i can practically smell them. yum. and your dog is cute. :)