Wednesday, August 10, 2011

check 'em out

I have two super sweet bloggers to introduce you to. Amanda and Karen were kind enough to pass along the versatile blogger award my way recently. However, since I did a post on it awhile back, I'll save you the facts about myself again since you can read them here if you are interested. Instead I'd rather share with you a list of rockin' blogs that I've come across recently.

... schilling times ...
Blessed Momma Musings
everyday lovely
heartland farmhouse
we are the holden's
The Heart of a Homemaker
The Honey Pot

Trust me, I L-O-V-E all the blogs I follow. These are just fairly recent for me and I thought I'd encourage you to check them out. Feel free to look up my page where all the blogs are that I follow. I'd tell you what page that is, except I'm tech challenged. I'm sure you know which page I'm talking about since most of you are much more adept than myself when it comes to this blogging gig.

Stop on by and tell them hello. Let them know you came from here and that I think they're awesome!

Much love,


heartland farmhouse said...

Wow! I'm humbled. I think you're AWESOME!!!
Thank you!


Nessa said...

Oooh I love new reads - thanks!

Jami said...

This post is so great Katie! I love soooo many of those too but you gave me a couple new ones to check out! xoxo