Friday, August 12, 2011

stuck in the middle

I was frustrated with a bookshelf project that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks.

I just can't get the paint to look even.

I berated myself for not sanding 1st even though the Lowe's man said a primer would be just sanding needed.

Liar, liar, pants on fire, Mr. Lowe's man!

As I rounded the corner from our side yard to the front yard, I found my fun-time Charlie just doin' his thing.

He's good like that.

He's stuck in the middle.

Being the easy one is his destiny according to master psychologists.

As I watched him in his element, oblivious to my spying eye and camera, he built and executed those train tracks like it was nobody's business.

He didn't need company. He didn't need praise. He was absorbed in his 5 year old world.


Just like he should be.

That's what being 5 is all about.

Much love,

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heartland farmhouse said...

And he's wearing a mighty fine smile too!
I have to they hire out??? Cause I have a truck that needs washed! ;)


Karen said...

Fun time Charlie has got it right. Good luck with the painting :)

Jessica Johnson said...

he's a doll. my oldest is like that. can play for hours. i love watching her, too :)

hannah singer said...

cutie pants!
he and elijah would be best pals! they have the same fashion sense, anyways;)


Alyss said...

Love it. Not to mention wearing whatever his little heart desires... like those sweet boots and shorty shorts.

Erin said...

I hear your pain with the painting. Sometimes spray paint has a mind of its own. Many times I've had to sand and start over. I've found if you distress the whole thing it covers up all the mistakes!

Susan said...

Can we spend just a little moment talking about how sweet he looks in those boots?! Eek!